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Elden’s ring It becomes much harder than that Halfway through the game, Because the enemies do more damage and the battles become even more punitive. Therefore, Player You can rely on the Rivers of Blood katana, which not only does great damage but also causes accumulated bleeding that swells opponents like blood bubbles. Learn more about this indispensable weapon in this article and where to find it.


Rivers of blood It is ideal for those who have a mastery-oriented build as it is the most powerful weapon in the game with this attribute. Sword passive allows you to get a significant portion of the enemy’s health with consistent blows, which greatly simplifies some difficult skirmishes.

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However, what makes the sword special and popular is its Corpse Piler ability, which has a large range, does great damage, and is unique to this weapon. As such, it is a powerful and useful choice for all types of players, especially those who have chosen to use magic.

You can find it only after a certain point in the game. Warning: There is a spoiler in front.

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To get rivers of blood it is necessary to kill the Mogots in the capital Lindell and thus access the Giants Mountain. Up to this point in the game, another very useful katana is the Uchigatana, a samurai-class starting weapon. If you start the game with another class, you can get it from the Deathtouched Catacombs, north of Limgrave. An interesting tip at the end of the game is to attack with Uchigatana and rivers of blood, one arm in each hand.

When you enter the Giants’ Mountains, continue exploring the area until you find the Repos Church, located east of the Grand Rhodes Elevator. Upon reaching it, the player will invade an NPC named Okina Bloodfinger, and will need to defeat him to get the cat.

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Attack carefully in battle and watch the bleeding streak as if it fills up, you will receive deadly damage. After its defeat, rivers of blood will be added to your collection.

To use Katan it is necessary to have at least 12 points of strength, 19 of mastery and 20 of arcane. If you do not have the required levels in each attribute, it is worth visiting Renala to redistribute your experience points. However, for this you need to have larval tears on hand.

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Rivers of Blood can be upgraded in the blacksmith with Somber Smithing Stones and can be upgraded to a final value of +10. At + 3 your convenience scale goes up to C and at +10 it goes up to B.

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