Knights of Decayden: Xbox Exclusive Game Phil Spencer Forced to Cancel

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox.

We got the details on the long-lost Xbox exclusive courtesy of Axios and Totally Games, and it turns out that scrapping the game was apparently Phil Spencer’s first order of business on the Xbox gaming team.

The game was known as Knights of Decaydenbut had a temporary title Archipelagoand was developed by the Star Wars: X-Wing team at Totally Games. The plan was to have it out within a year of release Original XboxBut it was official Canceled in early 2002 And finally, it never ended up seeing the light of day.

In an interview with Axios, Totally Games founder Larry Holland stated that the game was “incredibly ambitious and kind of silly in equal measures” and that he was demoralized but not entirely surprised that it was ultimately cancelled. He revealed that he agreed to a “very aggressive program” that turned out to be overwhelming, and Microsoft’s game managers at the time didn’t have much of a track record of trusting developers, which made it difficult to please them.

Phil Spencer He reportedly recently told Axios that his first assignment was with the Xbox gaming team “Unplay Larry Holland”, during which he oversaw an operation called Studio X that would focus on partnerships between Microsoft and outside game teams. After Spencer’s comment, the channel did a little research and found out the name of the game, then contacted Holland, who was happy to provide the details.

Here’s a description of the game courtesy of Axios:

“Players controlled a knight on a flying seahorse and engaged in long-range combat with other knights and monsters, slow-motion spear-based running and underwater diving to fight sea creatures.

Remember that at the time, Phil Spencer was not yet the head of Xbox, obviously, as was the case before the Xbox 360.

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