Kingdom: The Blood is a new game developed by Netflix

The game adapts the mix of historical drama with zombies from the royal series, which is already available on the streaming system

THE Netflix announced his latest project for the gaming world last Monday (11): Realm: Blood. A game based on Korean history promises a “K-Action with Zombies” genre experiencewhich combines elements of a police investigation with surviving undead attacks.

The game shares the same setting as Kingdom, now available on the streaming platform which Mixes period drama with zombies. The series takes place in 1603 during the Joseon Dynasty and Two seasons have already been completedThere are 6 episodes in each.

Kingdom Development: Blood sets the stage for action, a company with extensive experience in creating games for mobile platforms. Among its games, titles such as Knife I, Knife II, Samguk knife and ANVILAnd before the Netflix announcement, he already announced his new project under the code name.Project KD“.

The game promises high fidelity graphics

Along with the game’s official announcement, The developer released the first gameplay trailer which reveals details about its scope. In it, the main character uses combat to defeat human opponents who, once they die, will turn into an even more dangerous immortal.

The promise of the pitch is that Kingdom: The Blood will have high fidelity graphics and heavy action, with cut scenes entirely in its engine. That’s the promise The game will receive versions for mobile platforms and computersIt is expected to reach a “global audience” at a yet-to-be-determined date.

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In addition to betting on several game adaptations for its streaming catalog – such as Cyberpunk: Expendables -, Netflix wants to play an increasingly active role in this scenario as a publisher. In 2022, he acquired the developers Night school and Next gamesTo offer subscribers an ever-growing catalog of games.


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