King Arthur: A Review of the Knight Tale

King Arthur: A Review of the Knight Tale

Some titles take a while to impress players. King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight Is one of them. With five-minute adventures it is already possible to fascinate everything that is in the game NeocoreGames Features.

For those who do not know, the Hungarian producer has a good experience in role-playing games (RPG). He has already introduced excellent games to the market such as the series Van Helsing And Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor.

Another curiosity is that the “theme” of King Arthur has long been present in his life. Since 2009, NeocoreGames Trying to play a game with a British leader who destroyed the Saxons from the Holy Land as a character.

King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight Is an overview of some of the features presented in the ancient games produced by the Hungarians. Immediately impresses with all the beauty of the scenery and the details on the screen.

As much as this is a game with a certain style of table RPG, genre lovers will love each room, each space designed to explore battle.

This is the first feature in the game. It has a hybrid style of management where we can walk freely in the buttocks and, at the same time, engage in torque-based combat.

Where is the king?

The player is Sir Morded, one of the most cult figures in King Arthur’s history. According to history, he was largely responsible for the struggle of the British leader Kamlan.

But inside King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight, The story slightly changes what would actually happen. After the death of King Arthur, the so-called Lake Lady resurrects a British leader who becomes a dangerous and evil character.

This makes the Avalon region what the population feared most: one of the scariest places. Also, it could not have been different, because the right to rule the kingdom of the deceased could not be good, right?

Attempting to fight evil has only one solution: bring Sir Mordrid back to the battlefield so that he can destroy King Arthur again. So get ready to become a villain. Or will he be a good guy?

With interesting elements and beautiful conceptual art, the company has managed to engage the player to the best of its ability, thus becoming known for much of its adventure.

Some choices can even be made throughout the narrative. Your lines will directly affect what is done throughout the adventure. Be prepared to change Sir Mordred’s course, so always think before performing narrative actions.

It’s very cool to use these “speech bubbles” while walking, without the need to disrupt the game sequence. This made the game much more impressive than it already was.

piece of art

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, it is already possible to fall in love with the game in less than 5 minutes. For the first scenarios, which are very rich and detailed. We stopped at different times to analyze each angle created by the producers.

These are the elements that will go unnoticed in many games but come to life King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight. It is possible to notice coins on the spot, details of stones, glitter of chests, etc. Hostile and dark environments are also part of the whole.

It should be noted that this can already be seen in the early access to the game. You can even consider it an AAA game, because of a job well done that deserves 10 points. The scenes are also consistent with what is presented in the gameplay.

The menu is very well designed and at the same time easy to understand. It reminds me a lot of what we saw in the first games of the series Devil. The inventory is complete and the skills tree is very easy to understand.

The soundtrack does not lag behind. It introduces the excellent RPG game ingredients and creates the perfect environment for this genre of game.

Although rich in every way, King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight, Has no trace of independence on the action map. The player chooses places to explore and fight.

A simple battle

Because this is a game based on turn-based combat, King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight, Follows its predecessors in the genre. There is nothing out of this world when it comes to fighting.

There will be known action points, except for all combat sequences that are already known in turn actions. The main thing is that the actions are easy to perform. Everything was very well thought out and simplifies the understanding of those who are not accustomed to this style of play.

Many players criticized the balance of the characters against the enemies. While it is virtually impossible to kill in the simplest mode, the situation becomes inversely proportional in the most difficult mode.

Even if the player develops a good fighting strategy, it will be difficult to overcome the enemies. Since the game has just been released, despite early access, some changes need to be made soon.


King Arthur: The Tale of the Knight That’s all we want in a turn-based medieval game. Dark settings, relevant narratives, and complex turn-based combat.

Also noteworthy is the nostalgia that comes with making the player feel like they are in a real board game. More and more games find it difficult to convey this wonderful feeling.

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