Kainga: Seeds of Civilization will be fully released on Steam on December 6th

Green Man Gaming Publishing and solo developer Eric Rempen have announced that Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, the highly anticipated village builder of Rugelite, will move from Steam Early Access to a full V1.0 release on December 6, 2022.

After a very productive and positive Early Access launch, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization has made great strides in the development of the title, as well as introducing new gameplay content in depth. Working closely with an ever-growing community of “thinkers” in development, solo developer Eric Rempen has created a beautiful and complex world full of mystery and cultural intrigue, ready to be revealed in the exciting release of V1.0.

In addition to the standard version of the full V1.0 launch version on Steam, fans will be able to purchase a special Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Collector’s Edition to further immerse themselves in the beautiful world of Kainga. The Collector’s Edition includes the full version of the game, a 21-track soundtrack of catchy game music, a digital art book showcasing the world’s stunning art and design, and exclusive desktop backgrounds. The Collector’s Edition will be available alongside the Standard Edition on December 6.

Can you conquer the beautiful and dangerous lands of Kainga?

Welcome to the mystical world of Kainga, a magical land of wonder and beauty where strange otherworldly beasts roam. Take control of a thinker and grow your village into a thriving civilization by adapting and surviving against all odds.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a rogue-like village builder. Be warned, its stunning scenery hides many dangers. Other tribes compete for resources, the weather threatens to destroy you, and colossal creatures can arise and destroy everything you’ve built. As you earn victories and gain karma, the world begins to open up new lands, technologies, challenges and unique minds to unlock, discover and learn from.

  • Create a unique culture. Using the Thinking skill tree, choose research from a variety of technologies inspired by civilizations around the world, make your mark on the world with your choice of buildings, festivals, resource production and more!
  • Adapt to your environment. Use the terrain and resources to your advantage, keep an eye on your available resources, and carefully plan and adapt to the ever-changing environment as you battle natural disasters, natural disasters, other villages, and even beasts that roam the lands. .
    Train units and tame animals. Keep your village safe by researching technology to equip your villagers with weapons to repel attacks, or even use the beasts to your advantage by taming them and turning them against your rivals.
  • Acquire new knowledge for future performance. Each ending brings the seeds of a new beginning, unlocking new technologies, biomes and challenges to add more difficulty to each match. Earn karma to buy advanced building types and lifeguards to play with your leadership style and unique quirks.
  • Live on or among giant beasts. The wildlife of these lands roam and interact with the environment, often destroying them along the way. Can you learn to live with these animals? Or better yet, manage to tame and breed them.
  • Build legendary structures. From stone monuments to grand halls and many more. Build and defend massive buildings using materials from the map.
  • Change your play style. Choose a custom home layout and skin that suits your best playstyle before diving into a procedurally generated world and putting your skills to the test.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization will be fully released on Steam on December 6th and is already available through Steam Early Access

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