“Judgment” and “Lost Judgment” are available for PC via Steam

Sega officially confirmed this Wednesday (14) that “The Judgment” and the sequel “The Lost Judgment” are available on the Steam platform. The arrival of PC games was already certain after both titles appeared on the ESRB list and were classified as a “Windows PC” version.


The confirmation came via Sega’s official Twitter profile and was part of the company’s participation at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Along with the official announcement, a new Steam trailer was released for the two games that make up “The Judgment Collection.”

Until now, the titles have been available for some time on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and contract factors have been a barrier to games coming to PC. Other issues involved the actors who captured the voices and movements of some of the characters.

Some speculated that Sega could not reach an agreement with the representatives of Takuya Kimura, the actor who plays the main character of “Judgment”, Takayuki Yagami. In addition, the company even suspended sales of the game in 2019 when actor Pierre Tuck, who lends his face to Kyohei Hamura, was arrested for cocaine use. After the controversy, the character was recast and given a new voice actor.

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Judgment and Lost Judgment are spin-off titles from the Yakuza series. However, unlike the main saga in which Kazuma Kiryu is the main protagonist – except for Ichiban Kasuga in Yakuza: Like the Dragon – the main character in the games is Takayuki Yagami. He is a former lawyer, who has become a detective and investigates a series of murders related to the yakuza in the criminal sphere through the underworld of Kamurocho, the fictional Tokyo district of the game.

The prices for “Decision” and “Lost Judgment” on Steam are steep. The first title retails for R$199.95, while the sequel can be purchased for R$299.95. Notably, players can purchase “The Judgment Collection” pack for R$493.88, which also gives access to “The Kaito Files”, DLC for “Lost Judgment”.

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