Jovem Nerd and Magalu Games announce the Brazilian game by Ruff Ghanor with DX Gameworks

This Saturday (8), at BGS 2022, Jovem Nerd and Magalu Games announced the development of a game inspired by Ruff Ghanor, a character that originated in the RPG NerdCast. Developed by DX Gameworks, the game will be a deck builder with rogue elements in which the player will be able to control a young cleric.

The story is inspired by The Legend of Ruff Ghanor, a book by Leonel Caldella published in 2014 by NerdBooks. In the story, the main character is trained in the monastery of San Arnaldo in the face of the imminent threat of Zamir, the red dragon.

The player will build a deck of cards by adding new attacks, defenses, equipment and will also be able to control the allied deck, adding dynamism and different abilities to the main deck. Director of Development Orlando Fonseca Jr. Jove himself spoke to Nerd about the project.

“The game is in the pre-production phase, where the basic mechanics are being created and various game possibilities are being tested, within the idea of ​​a ‘deck builder’ card game.” Also at this stage, the integration of the story O Garoto Cabra adapted from the first book and the game is planned. It’s a very rewarding stage of development because it allows us to prototype a lot of things until we find the fun element.”

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Jovem Nerd and Magalu Games announce the Brazilian game by Ruff Ghanor with DX Gameworks. Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

Ruff Ghanor is in development in Brazil by DX Gameworks and will be released globally by Nonsense Creations and Magalu Games at a date to be announced. The game will be available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series S/X and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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