Jeff Gerstman claims there is a smear campaign against the Xbox Series S

The smallest console in the family Xbox Series S, is once again the focus of most development studios, who suggest that releasing games on the Series S during development on Xbox should not be mandatory. Not a few studios are joining the smear campaign against the Xbox Series S, as are developers. WB Games Montreal (developers of Gotham Knights) have stated that their game’s 30fps limit is due to limitations on the cheaper current generation console.

Jeff GerstmanAn experienced video game journalist claimed via Twitter that the arguments are defamatory Against the Xbox Series S it doesn’t seem very consistent. Although many developers are trying to explore new horizons with the graphical and technical surfaces in their products, they are still tied User hardware on the computerTherefore, they are forced to make amendments to the offer The game is optimized with different quality and settings.

He also pointed out that Steam’s latest surveys of its users found that most active gamers do not have high-end specs and very few There are those who can Playing in “average” conditions.

When it comes to developing new titles for Series S, Microsoft offers development kits that simplify the process and optimize current titles so that many studios don’t have to worry about running out of memory. It’s true that the Series S can’t match the power of the Xbox Series X, but the fact that studios don’t want to work on this console seems to save time and effort. Unfortunately for them, the Xbox Series S is selling very wellTherefore, leaving this console aside may bring less profit than expected.

Microsoft has already confirmed that all Xbox Series X games will make it to the Xbox Series S, so developers who don’t support the Series S will have to work around that.

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