Jason Ronald comments on the difficulty of adding to the game’s backwards compatibility


To you Official TwitterJason Ronald from Xbox commented The difficulty of adding a game to backward compatibility.

Ronald said he could not reveal many technical details, adding a new game goes into backwards compatibility. Multiple licensing layers, Starting with the developer himself, ending with the voice actors and artists. He commented that the last batch of services that arrived last year was demanding A few years To release. Check:

Unfortunately, I can not talk about the details of the game, but I will share with you that some of the titles in the last game took years, including some that I could never think of returning. The feedback from the community set our priorities and the team did everything it could.He said.

Each title is a unique challenge. Licensing is more difficult than just the publisher level. Depending on the title, it may include composers, licensed soundtracks, voice actors, writers, and more. There really was no lack of team will and public interest.“He finished.

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