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It is possible to jailbreak a PlayStation 5 (PS5), according to a console modder named Lance MacDonald, who captured the process on video. With the famous mod to make Bloodborne play at 60 fps, Lance didn’t create a procedure that takes advantage of the console’s security flaws, but his video on the subject went viral. At the moment, unlocking is extremely limited and only allows downloading external files, making it impossible to run them on the model.

It is worth noting that the practice, in theory, will allow any game to be downloaded for free (and therefore illegal), but the procedure has not been made available to the general public. Additionally, Sony has a history of banning modded consoles on the PlayStation Network, preventing them from running many features if they detect such mods.

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The PlayStation 5 may have been unlocked, according to a user report — Photo: Rubens Achilles/TechTudo

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The unlocking process, known as “Jailbreak”, means that developers have been able to bypass Sony’s protections, which restrict the use of a video game to its intended functions. With this unlock, Lance has access to the console’s development Debug menu, through which he can install the PT demo from Silent Hill on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), but not play it. It should be noted that PT is a game that was not officially available on the PlayStation Store after its cancellation, which is why producer Konami pulled it from the store.

Unlocking itself is still quite limited and, despite granting write and read access to the console, it does not allow the execution of external applications, which makes it impossible, for example, to run a game. The security flaw also only applies to system versions since October 4.03, 2021, only works 30% of the time.

The creator of the exploit warns that this unlock is not intended for the public, only for developers interested in how the video game works. However, the security flaw could be a gateway for malicious developers looking to offer pirated games in the future.

It is important to note that modifying the console system may void the warranty as well as cause the device to be banned. In past generations, Sony has detected and removed modified consoles from the PlayStation Network, making them unable to play games online or make purchases from the PlayStation Store.

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