It’s Alive: Beyond Good & Evil 2 may begin testing later this month

Despite several problems, Ubisoft continues to invest in the development of the game

Officially announced in 2017, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a game that many of its fans have been waiting for. In addition to the game’s publicly troubled development, even its main developer – Michael Ansel – Retired from the gaming world that made him Many believed that the project would never be published.

However, this is confirmed by the insider Tom Henderson The game remains in active development and is on the verge of reaching its main production goal. Citing internal sources, Henderson said that Ubisoft should start soon Product testing stage He has hands with outside teams later this month.

These playtests will be more extensive than Ubisoft’s standard one session per week that we’ve seen with titles like The Division Heartland, XDefinant and more.“, said the insider. However, he said that this This isn’t necessarily a sign that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is nearing its release date.

The future of the game is still shrouded in mystery

Although Ubisoft held a series of streams focused on the game’s development in the months following its official announcement, He stopped doing that a few years ago. With Ansel’s departure from the team, it was difficult to measure the level of development of the game, which It promises an ambitious search engine of galactic proportions.

Shortly after Ansel retired from the gaming industry, A report by French newspaper Libération said he was a toxic leader, which led to an internal investigation by Ubisoft – with results that have never been made public. The publication said at the time Beyond Good & Evil 2 was at least 7 years in “development hell” which currently lasts about 9 years.

– Continues after commercial –

Ubisoft revealed this this week Next week (10) will hold a new edition of the Ubisoft Forward event, which aims to provide details about his future projects. However, it’s still unclear whether the game will be there, and there’s a good chance that more well-structured titles will be preferred closer to their final release.


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