It seems to be going now: Goldeneye 007 achievements are listed on the Xbox website

We are close to the return of one of the best FPS classics

Many hints make us think that new Golden Eye 007 In the process of processing, it has appeared for some time. To further substantiate this suspicion on the Xbox Now has all the achievements of the game And this time you can believe that it’s something real. The discovery was made Vario 64Famous Disclosure.

The page shows that all achievements have already been acquired by other players, indicating that the previous hints were Rare developers have been playing Goldeneye 007 Were real. In January of this year, the website True Achievements revealed a list of all 55 achievements of the game.

The “BIGsheep” tag player was the person who explained the achievements and the tag belongs to him James ThomasDeveloper at Rare. While True Achievements shows that four achievements have not yet been unlocked, the Xbox page lists all the challenges as some (or some) players.

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Pictures taken on the Xbox website show that this version should be the original Nintendo 64 and not a canceled remake of the Xbox 360. This latest version even leaked last year and can be fully played on a computer via emulation.

There are already some hints about the existence of Goldeneye 007

There are several reasons to believe that Goldeneye 007 will be published. Last year, the game lifted its ban in Germany, more specifically for the Nintendo Switch, suggesting that the title could be emulated into the Nintendo 64 package that is part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The Goldeneye 007 trademark was previously registered for use as a “downloadable” video game application. Sources on the VGC website said the title would be announced before the war between Russia and Ukraine and that the Rare game (and film) portrayed Russia as a villain, so the game was postponed. In addition, the 007 series is 60 years old

Next Thursday (09), the Summer Game Fest begins and on Sunday (12) is the Xbox + Bethesda presentation and if Goldeneye 007 is introduced, there will be no better occasion as it is part of Rare Xbox Game Studios.


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