Is the Xbox Series S limiting the gaming generation?

Since the turn of the generation, much has been said about the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s budget console. Would it hold back a generation and hurt the most powerful consoles?

Two years have passed since the release of the new consoles, the technology channel Digital Foundry decided to analyze the situation and give a verdict on the Xbox Series S and its weight in this current generation.

According to them, although the new generation has not really started yet, as we are still in the transitional cross-gene period, there is already enough data to draw a conclusion on this matter.

For John Linneman, current games show no sign that the Xbox Series S is generation-limiting. On the contrary, the Xbox Series S will actually be a boon for gamers, forcing developers to better optimize their games.

I wouldn’t say the Xbox Series S is limited when it comes to games coming out because we’re still in the cross-gen period. Even great non-cross-gen games like Microsoft Flight Simulator still managed to run decently on the Xbox Series S. I’d say the Xbox Series S might help you stay in control, which could mean better performance on the Xbox Series X and PS5.

However, Unreal Engine 5 is an unknown quantity for him. He does not know how this engine will change and how big its impact will be when its new technologies are widely used.

Xbox Series S may have issues with technologies like Lumen due to low memory. However, even for the big consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5, this can be a problem as the channel wonders if they can maintain 60fps.

Alexander Batalia has a similar opinion. For him, the Xbox Series S is not a 1440p console, but in terms of generational limitations, its only problem will be memory, which will limit the level that the next-generation technologies can deliver. However, he also believes it could be beneficial for more powerful consoles.

It’s not a 1440p console, that’s for sure. I think what we can say is that the Xbox Series S will be limited in the sense that it will limit the fact that the developer will have to take into account memory limitations and use next-gen features. But this can be a positive thing, memory management becomes more important.

The point for the team is the same: Xbox Series S will only limit the fact that developers will have to work harder to deliver something satisfying on the console and make some sacrifices.

Still, for Digital Foundry, we’ll likely see more titles below 1080p in the future as new technologies come into play.

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