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Steam, Valve’s platform for PC gaming, may soon become more expensive. That’s because the company this Tuesday (25) released changes to its regional recommended pricing table, which offers price suggestions for developers and publishers in 39 currency-supported stores. This news has caused concern on social networks, as it suggests an increase of up to 65% of games published in the territory of Brazil. In other regions, such as Turkey and Argentina, the adjustment is significantly higher, reaching 528% according to the table.

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Steam Announces New Recommended Pricing Table with Increases in All Regions — Photo: Disclosure / Valve

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To arrive at the new values, Valve explains that it considered not only exchange rate fluctuations – as prices are based on US dollars – but also purchasing power parity (PPP) and consumer price indices. “For games sold on Steam, we’re focusing on entertainment purchases to better drive such decisions,” the company said.

Valve’s expectation is that these suggestions will be useful for developers who don’t have the time or desire to research and price their games in 39 different currencies, as this process can be quite complex. To control prices, the company has also released tools to monitor and alert developers if the price in one currency is significantly higher or lower than another.

However, the company confirmed that everything is only a recommendation and that publishers can continue to set prices individually. “Many games choose to ignore our recommendations and set prices in each currency independently – which is not a problem at all,” he explains.

What are the consequences?

The trend is that out of convenience, games will accept the new prices offered by Valve, which could lead to a wide increase in different regions. The changes should not affect titles from major publishers – which are already more expensive in Brazil – but games from smaller, independent developers.

According to the table of SteamDB, a site that monitors various statistics of the digital store, the most significant increase in Brazil is for games with a price of 5.99 USD, which, as a result of the change, from 12.39 R$ to 20.49 R$ is transferred 65% price change. For games priced at $19.99, the price goes from R$37.99 to R$59.99, an adjustment of 58%.

In the international scenario, all offered prices also experienced an increase, with Turkey and Argentina being the most affected countries. In the past, many users in these regions used VPN programs to keep things running, which may explain these more aggressive variations. See below some suggested prices in Brazil:

Steam’s new suggested pricing table

old value updated value Variation
$19.99 BRL 37.99 BRL 59.99 +58%
$29.99 BRL 57.99 BRL 88.99 +53%
$39.99 BRL 75.49 BRL 107.99 +43%
$59.99 BRL 109.99 BRL 162.00 +47%
$69.99 BRL 127.99 BRL 188.99 +48%

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