Is Goat Simulator 3 worth it? Analysis – Review

Coffee Stain Studios has earned my respect and admiration for the excellent titles they’ve released recently. So I’m delighted to announce Goat Simulator 3, which, despite its name, is the second game in a satirical series that began in 2014.

The original game deserves its credit, after all Goat Simulator started as a joke and ended up delivering a very fun experience, with some heavy criticism of open world game design, from character movement and evolution, to the mission system, and more.

But did the original game need to continue? More importantly, is Goat Simulator 3 worth it, or does repeating the same joke over and over make it funny?

Right off the bat, we can see that the focus of Goat Simulator 3 is to create chaos in groups. That is, you are no longer alone to play terror and you can call up to 3 friends to play with you. However, if you prefer to go alone, don’t worry, nothing will stop you.

We noticed from the beginning that the satirical style of the original game is also preserved in the sequel. After a few fourth wall breaks, it’s time to go outside and figure out what needs to be done to make your goat’s life meaningful. In short, Coffee Stain decided to turn Goat Simulator 3 into a kind of “collectathon”, only without the charm and glamor that the game usually has.

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Movement and interaction with characters and objects in the scenario doesn’t seem to have changed – or if it did, it’s impossible to notice. There are some interesting additions that are clearly based on Mario games and other new additions that seem to be attempts to satirize big releases like Elden Ring and games in the Souls series.

Now, to advance the story, you’ll finally be released into a Nexus of sorts, where your progress promises to unlock a secret door guarding the final boss of the game. To unlock it, you have to do the main quests, but you can also spend some time on the side quests.

From the very first moment, Goat Simulator 3 makes it clear that it’s going to make fun of itself. The goal remains to hack the games industry, but to be honest, the joke seems to have lost its fun. Both the main and side missions seem to make no sense, and more than once I’ve found myself thinking, “Why do I keep playing this!”

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Everything seems to depend on distributing headers or dragging objects from point B to point B. Well, we know that most games these days end up throwing in complicated mechanics to disguise the fact that most missions end up just like that! But there was a lack of creativity in Goat Simulator 3, and it feels like watching a show by a hard-working comedian who, despite everything, can’t get the audience to laugh.

Some missions even try to be funny and develop into funny events that undermine the logic of the reading. It’s funny the first two or three times, but after the game things start to lose their fun again and the desire to continue disappears again.

There are some good moments where the creativity of the development team is evident, but they are so rare that everything else just outweighs any positives. Playing Goat Simulator 3 to do this review was massive and extremely boring, to the point where I feel like I just wasted my time by agreeing to do this review.

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Goat Simulator 3 even tries, but it’s no fun. You can use the goat to drive cars, fly around the scenery, and literally cause chaos. But as I mentioned above, you get the impression that it’s already been done…it’s no longer meaningful or fun. It’s like listening to a joke we liked as a kid and finding out it’s not so cool today.

Although Goat Simulator seems to be trying to be bland, it’s possible to notice that the game is trying to grab and hold your attention by taking the player to de_dust2 just like that during a mission. References to the Nier series, Mario Sunshine, and many other titles can also be identified, but nothing interesting or relevant. Please note, dear reader, that I’m not asking for anything genius or unique, but I’m simply stating that despite the good ideas, the execution of Goat Simulator 3 was really bad and the game is just not fun.

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But what if Goat Simulator 3 is worth it?

There is no way I can recommend Goat Simulator 3. Not now, not at a possible discount. It’s a weak game that tries really hard to be funny but fails miserably and just fails to be entertaining.

Summary for the lazy

Goat Simulator 3 is the sequel to the original 2014 game, which, despite everything, has been hailed as one of the most creative critiques of the gaming industry ever. The problem is that Goat Simulator 3 fails so badly that it sounds like a tiredly repeated joke that’s not only funny, but annoying to those listening.

final evaluation

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  • Some missions are quite creative


  • extremely repetitive;
  • The gameplay doesn’t excite or innovate;
  • The primary and secondary quests follow the same style;
  • Excessive silliness in an attempt to be funny.

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