iOS 16 lets you play on iPhone with Nintendo Switch controllers

The developers of the app have discovered that the new iOS 16, which Apple announced yesterday at WWDC, will bring native connectivity to Nintendo Switch controllers. In other words: if you want, you can play games on your iPhone using the Joy-Con or Pro Controller on the Switch.

The news was shared by Riley Testum, one of the developers responsible for Delta, a video game emulator for iOS. With the app you can simulate that your iPhone or iPad are classic Nintendo video games like Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Nintendo 64.

To connect your Nintendo Switch controller, simply press the sync button. Therefore, it should appear among the Bluetooth options if you already have iOS 16 installed.

Riley said the new version of iOS will be able to use only the right or left side of the Joy-Con separately, and also both together as one controller – just like the original Nintendo console.

iOS 16 screen shows Bluetooth connection with Nintendo Switch Pro controller

Photo: Playing / Apple

Changes are made through Apple’s own system. Just press the capture screen key and the home button of the joystick for a few seconds. If the controls are separate, they will become one and vice versa.

Developer tests have shown that there is also a connection to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, a version that looks more like a traditional controller for other video games.

Other features allowed by Apple include personalization of the controls via the Bluetooth menu, within the settings, as well as assigning a different name to each control. This can be useful if you have more than one pair of controllers in your home.

The news has left high expectations in the gaming community as the controls can be used in Apple Arcade platform games and other App Store titles.

Nintendo has just released the Pokemon Unite title for both the Switch and mobile phones. Connectivity allows those who are accustomed to playing on the company’s platform to use the controller to play on a smartphone.

iOS 16 is available in beta mode only for developers. In July, it will still be released to the public during the testing phase. The software should be available to everyone from September.

Other consoles

DualSense controllers for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X controllers are now compatible with iOS version 14.5, which was released in April 2021.

Apple’s website also shows how to connect PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller wirelessly, starting with iOS 13, which was officially released in September 2019.

The process is similar to any other Bluetooth device such as headphones and speakers. Just go to “Settings”, then “Bluetooth” and start pairing on the controller. On PS, you have to press the buttons with PS logo and “Share”. On the Xbox you have to press and hold the button with the brand logo.

This connection works for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac.

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