International gaming media reacts to alleged ‘Xbox exclusive Call of Duty’

This week we saw Playstation CEO Jim Ryan express his dismay at Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and not take kindly to a letter from Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, suggesting that Call of Duty would be coming “For a few years”. Before the Playstation.

It looks like Sony wants Microsoft to commit to releasing Call of Duty “forever” on Playstation. Jim Ryan said Phil Spencer’s proposal was “inadequate on so many levels”.

Well, the international press was commenting on this issue on social networks, after all, we have a serious controversy here. Sony points out that it can go bankrupt without Call of Duty, while Microsoft says that Call of Duty can’t do it all. which one is correct

Here’s what members of the top sites are saying:

Destination (IGN):

I ask this a lot and have yet to come up with a convincing argument against Microsoft buying Activision. Why would it be bad? Let’s hear your best case, because so far it’s great for ACTI to see that they’ve… you know… voted unanimously.

Good news Jim. Now let’s talk about Final Fantasy…

Brett Medlock (Destructoid):


  • *Forspoken Exclusivity Payment*
  • *FF16 and VIIR exclusivity payment*
  • *pays for Street Fighter exclusivity*
  • *Paying Deathloop and Ghostwire*
  • *Paid for Spider-Man IP*



Sony: “It’s not fair!

Paul Tass (Forbes):

The Jim Ryan-Phil Spencer feud on ‘Call Of Duty’ is hypocritical bullshit

Call of Duty’s answer also seems stupidly obvious

– Xbox will continue to release on PS to generate tons of sales directly from Sony

– They will obviously put it on Game Pass, which is a big win for them

Sonny will be mad but he will have to deal with it.

George Young (Gamespot):

Jim Ryan has a problem with extending Call of Duty exclusivity for another 3 years, but he has no problem keeping games like Forspoken off the Xbox for 2 years lol and Xbox still doesn’t have the FF7 remake going on behind it .

So far, as we have seen above, the international media is activated if expressed in favor of Microsoft and accused Sony of criticizing Xbox exclusivity when it had always used the practice to stunt the growth of competitors.

What were you thinking about?

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