Intellivision announces drastic staff cuts, but guarantees Amico will not be abolished

The company has promised that it will return to all customers who have opted for a retro console.

The current embodiment Intelligence – A brand that was once considered a gaming giant went public this week Confirmed that he had experienced a significant reduction in staff In recent months. However, the company argues They did not abandon Amico’s launch plansA retro console that could not meet any of the dates announced so far.

In an email sent to device buyers, CEO Phil Adam said the reduction in staffing was aimed at reducing its operating costs. As a result, this slowed down the device development process and the refund request took longer.

We are slowly processing refund requests“, – Adam said in the email in which Admitted that many of them were caused by an uncertain state of mind in recent months. “Due to staff reduction and ongoing funding requirements, our responses and processing of these requirements have been delayed.“, – explained the executive.

Intellivision says it will complete Amico

This was announced by the CEO of Intellivision The company will allocate the proceeds in a new round of investments for that “To finance and complete a quality finished product“. At the same time, some of them will be used to eliminate the number of return requests in recent months.

The retro console was officially announced in 2018Promising to enter stores in 2020. With modest specifications, It originally emerged as a means of guaranteeing access to the manufacturer’s previous catalogBut it soon expanded this concept with the release of unpublished games.

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Although to date the console has not reached buyers, Several physical versions of the game went on sale in 2021, each costing $ 150.. Phil Adam took over as CEO of the company in February this year, previously held by Tommy Talarico. Amico remains without a set release date, and executives are simply saying the company expects it to hit stores in 2022.


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Source: Eurogamer


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