Intel Arc A770 loses up to 24% performance with ReBAR disabled

The use of technology can determine the success of playing various PC games

The official premiere is scheduled for October 12. The Intel Arc A770 GPU benefits greatly from using motherboards that support Resizable BAR (ReBAR) technology.. Tests show that the product can perform without it A drop to 24% And makes it no longer a worthy competitor to the GeForce RTX 3060.

own Intel is quite clear about this graphics card feature.And recommended for those with machines without ReBAR (or AMD’s Smart Access Memory). Buy a competing product. TechPowerUp tested this claim and accepted it 77% (1080p), 76% (1440p) and 80% (4K) performance In tests he conducted with the technology turned off.

In other words, someone who buys an Intel Arc A770 and doesn’t have a machine compatible with the technology Leaving aside a good part of his performance. ReBAR is a PCIe protocol technology that enables the system processor Full and more direct access to dedicated graphics memorysignificantly increase the obtained performance.

Disabling ReBAR affects other Intel GPUs

Although performance tests were conducted using Intel GPUs for the mid-range market, Differences should also arise in other models. Even before starting to sell products like the A750 or A380, the manufacturer listed the use of the technology. Resizable BAR As one of the most important recommendations for your GPU.

According to tests conducted by TechRadar, Games are the main damage caused by the lack of technology. When this happens, titles suffer performance lag or simply become unplayable – A total sample of 25 rated titles.

The website also revealed about it Arc A770 performance only changes by a maximum of 2% When it is installed on the motherboard PCIe 3.0 connector Instead of version 4.0 recommended by the manufacturer. In addition to ReBAR being an important requirement for GPU usage, You must have at least Windows 10 20H2 or Windows 11 installed to make your drivers work properly.

Intel shows fully disassembled Arc A770 and design details

Intel shows fully disassembled Arc A770 and design details
The founders model has LED lighting and promises little noise


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