Install Windows 98 on the Xbox Series X|S and yes, you can play Half-Life

Today we found out that the people at Digital Foundry managed to install the operating system Windows 98 on consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Most importantly, the combination works perfectly, a functional modification.

Of course, while it does work, it’s indicated that you’ll literally run into quite a crooked path to achieve it:

“Be prepared for multiple installations, going through a rather complex process. It starts with an unusual solution for setting up an emulation system Retroarch on Xbox, which in turn runs on DOSBox Pure,” points out Digital Foundry.

“I used this video guide to start the process without using developer mode.”

“When you run DOSBox Pure on your Xbox console, you should also install Windows 98 itself. This should be the bright future that Bill Gates envisioned in the past… Windows 98 itself should be available and bootable with RetroArch support for disk ISOs. I chose the FTP method To transfer these ISOs from my PC to the Xbox consoles – unfortunately the most logical method of an Xbox optical disc is not possible.

In the end, what you get is a full installation of the Windows 98 operating system on your Xbox Series console, with the games fully installed, which means you can use it like any old computer, up to the point where I wrote the script. For video embedded on this page, using Microsoft word On my Series X, with the help of a resurrected clip.

From here everything is simpler, with one exception. Unfortunately, RetroArch doesn’t support USB mice, which means the right thumbstick on the Xbox controller has to be replaced. As you can imagine, using the controller as an emulated mouse is a limiting factor in terms of ergonomics and control. I think it’s great for desktop and first-person shooters, but it’s a headache for isometric titles and real-time strategy games.”

After summarizing what you will see in the video, let’s move on to the interesting part, like playing a great classic Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun With full fluidity and no sound problems (although using the joystick as a mouse), Turok, Earthquake IIor even half life.

Obviously, apart from the time it takes to install everything, one of the main disadvantages is not being able to use a mouse, but if you want to enjoy the great classics of the video game industry from the comfort of your sofa. , or to feel the nostalgia of a Windows 98 PC on your Xbox console, you already know it’s possible and most importantly: how to do it.

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