Insomniac sends 60-page dossier to Sony after controversy over abortion

Last week, Jim Ryan, president of Sony’s PlayStation division, sent an e-mail to company employees urging them to respect differences of opinion about abortion. The email was sent after a leak that revealed that the United States Supreme Court had overturned a 1973 ruling extending abortion rights in the country.

According to Bloomberg, Sony employees were very unhappy with the email, which also included a tangent on Ryan’s pets.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of PlayStation.Source: GamesIndustry.Biz

As a result, developer Insomniac Games, owned by Sony, is donating $ 50,000 to the Women’s Reproductive Rights Project, an organization that helps women who want to have an abortion. This information was published by The Washington Post, which had access to Insomniac CEO Ted Price on the 13th e-mail.

Sony will also donate $ 50,000, in addition to donating the same amount to Insomniac employees through the PlayStation Cares app. Finally, Sony plans to create an initiative to provide financial support to company employees who need to travel to places where abortion rights are available. Insomniac should help with the initiative.

Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac GamesTed Price, CEO of Insomniac GamesSource: GameSpot

Price Email contains a section structured as “Questions and Answers”. In that section, Price says Insomniac has sent a nearly 60-page dossier to Helmen Hust, which runs the PlayStation section studios. The dossier consists of messages from studio members urging Sony leaders, especially Ryan, to better treat directly affected employees.

The staff of Price Studio requested a public announcement of the Supreme Court decision, but this request was not granted. “[A Sony] Will not approve any reproductive rights statements, regardless of the studio. We fought for it and we could not win. “

An Insomniac employee asked Price if he had violated Sony’s freedom of expression in the studio. The answer was:

“On the subject of our freedom of expression, although we have a lot of autonomy that we often feel will always be there, there are times when we have to admit that we are part of a larger organization. In most cases, our right to govern Tweets Not affected. However, it is rare for us to be in opposition (as we were last week) and in the SIE [Sony] He will have the final say. “

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