Infinity Ward will be working on a ‘competitor’ to Bungie’s Destiny

In June, a rumor was posted on the official Call of Duty subreddit that Infinity Ward Rented to play the game An open world RPG. While nothing has come out to confirm this, in a new tweet @RalphsValve, the Activison-affiliated rumor mill, claimed that New game Infinity Ward similar to Destiny in production.

A game that reportedly includes A couple of BioWare veterans, marks a huge shift for Infinity Ward, which for the past decade has been part of a trio of Call of Duty developers working with Activision to launch the first-person shooter. shooter franchise every year.

@RalphsValve’s tweet is even more notable that the annual Call of Duty release will stop and The game is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024. This makes a big assumption about Activision Blizzard and Its acquisition by MicrosoftHowever, many have already wondered what will happen to Call of Duty with a new hand at the wheel.

While Microsoft hasn’t announced anything related to Call of Duty’s release schedule, Infinity Ward will finally be a new direction for the studio. Of course, we don’t know anything about this Destiny-like Infinity Ward game beyond this description. And if so, Infinity Ward is betting.

Destiny, Bungie’s own shared-world first-person shooter, pioneered a new genre and stayed on top even as other copycats tried to match it. While Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s: The Division was popular, it didn’t reach the heights of Destiny.

Given Infinity Ward’s excellent track record with first-person shooters, if they do indeed make a Destiny-style open-world game, I expect it to be a solid title that shows the studio can do without Call of Duty. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if anything actually comes out on this alleged new game.

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