Indonesia blocks access to Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, and other services

The companies did not register on time in the new database of the government

THE Indonesia In 2020, a law was approved, the purpose of which is Tighten content moderation on the local Internet, which will affect the operations of several technology and service giants in the country. At one time, the local government gave companies a period to adapt to the new rules, but that time has ended Blocked companies like Steam and Epic Games.

the call of the law MR5, the legislation increased the government’s power over the services offered in the country. Under this new rule, the rulers will be able to obtain data from specific users And also remove the content which may violate public order or be considered illegal.

the authorities Indonesia They have given companies until July 27, 2022 to register with the government database and comply with local laws so they can operate normally. Giants like Google This is Roblox The government has responded to the request, but other companies such as paypal, Steam, Yahoo And a few more have not been registered yet It prevents them from offering their services in the country.

List of some major blocked companies and services | Credits: Reproduction / Daniel Ahmad

approval MR5 was something that was quite criticized by several groups around the world Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) report that the new legislation is “violating human rights”. recently EFF sent a letter to the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (cominfo) demand that the “moderation rules for invasive content” be repealed.

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THE Valve was one of the most affected by the lockout, with some of its most popular games DOTA 2 and counter strike is blocked. But the company responded on the edge It says it is already “working to meet Indonesia’s requirements”. The rest of the companies should follow the path of the gaming platform and register in the government database over time.

In the event that paypal The Indonesian government has extended the portal until today (31) and advised users to switch to another platform and transfer money.


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