Indie Somerville launches in November for PC, Xbox and Game Pass

The game is from the same developer of Inside and Limbo

Limbo and Inside are two outstanding indies with mysterious stories that make the player wonder what they played last. SomervilleComing from the same developer as the aforementioned games, it promises to follow the same lines, and it delivers November 15 for PC and Xbox, plus Game Pass on day one.

The game was announced in 2017, a year after Inside’s release, and has now been given a release date. In addition to the teaser above, we can check out more of the game’s gameplay in the teaser trailer on the official channel of the game’s developer, Jumpship.

“Being on the brink of disaster, you have to do everything you can to reunite with your family. Somerville is a sci-fi adventure based on the aftermath of a major conflict.

Immerse yourself in a carefully crafted narrative experience set in a vivid rural landscape. Walk through the dangerous lands before you to unlock the secrets of Earth’s visitors.”

Somerville promises to be as deep as inside

Jumpship is an independent studio that was founded Dino pattyCo-founder and former CEO of Playdead, the studio behind Inside and Limbo. The new IP Somerville is its creation in partnership Chris Olsen.

From what has been shown so far, Somerville will be a title that combines 2D and 3D moments, better known as 2.5D, and promises to have a dramatic narrative that focuses on the protagonist’s family.

Somerville seems set to follow in Pat’s creative footsteps, telling the story without any voice-over dialogue, text, or other underlying narrative. This kind of experience is always welcome in the midst of so many games that point out where to go if you get lost, even if it’s linear.

A recent example of this type of game is Scorn, where there is no dialogue or texts and the story is told through events, settings and player progress. Of course, narratives in this format leave everything open to different interpretations.

Somerville launches on November 15th for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass.

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