Indie Publisher and Xbox Studio are defending Game Pass following the Kotaku article

The Xbox community has been in turmoil in recent days after a Kotaku article said that the lack of AAA news is forcing consumers to unsubscribe in anticipation of better days, which has received a response from Xbox, the creators and even Xbox Game Studios. .

After sharing the article on Twitter, Kotaku received the message “Tell me you’re limited to AAA games only, so you did not tell me you’re limited to AAA games” from the official Xbox Game Pass account, Lari said, at the moment the microphone was dropped. Hribbie, Xbox Major Nelson, who also had a comment from the Xbox studio.

inXile entertainment, known for the Wasteland series and currently working on a secret project, responded to an Xbox message and responded to some Twitter users to share how satisfied they were with Microsoft support.

“Complete creative freedom, financial support and the millions of players who play and love our games? It’s really a dream come true.” inXile told a customer who asked if it was hard to imagine that they would spend the near future creating “ruins” for the Game Pass.

In addition to the Xbox, Major Nelson, and inXile, indie publisher No More Robots also decided to comment on Kotaku’s article and the image it sends to the service for the role of indie games, especially to criticize Game Pass for harming indie creators.

Mike Rose, creator and leader of No More Robots, has talked in the past about the positive effects of the Game Pass on their games, and he did it again in the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Kotaku article.

I’ve said this before, but the Game Pass guarantees success for dozens of developers every month, paying the full cost of their development (and then some) on startup day. In the box. “

“Normally, you release a game, it’s worth making X, and you hope your game + marketing is good enough to get X back, so you can make a profit. On the day of launch. “

Dave Gilbert indie producer Wadjet Eye Games told Mike Rose that India’s fears are not in the present but in the future where the service grows to the point where Microsoft has control over independent creators who will have to fight. Place in a service like Game Pass.

“My concern (and I may be wrong) is that if services like Game Pass become the norm, the start-up fee is eventually reduced and then we’re locked into this system. It makes me reevaluate how I do things if / when it happens. I wonder what you think. About that. “

Rose admits that this is a fear she has been living with for several years and believes it will not happen soon, especially in the case of the PS Plus competition.

Gilbert also noted that this is a fear Indians feel about dominant platforms like Steam, it depends on Valve’s will to maintain a very friendly attitude, but if one day he wants to change it, the consequences can be drastic for some startups.

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