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A foreign game with a Brazilian touch.

A platform game developed by Canadians. Noel Berry’s Maddy Thorson game was based on the art of Brazilian studio MiniBoss. It was released in January 2018 on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, macOS and Linux. What catches the eye are the prizes won and won by the game. Awards include: Audience Award (Independent Games Festival Awards), Most Influential Game and Best Independent Game (The Game Awards 2018), Action Game of the Year (DICE Awards 2019) Among many others.

The platform game is played with a girl named Madeline. He tries to climb the mountain, but this path contains deadly obstacles. It has the ability to jump and climb a wall (seconds, very limited) and interact with detected objects while passing levels, such as springs that allow the player or feathers to allow a short flight.

Auxiliary mode

For players who have difficulty at the beginning, it is possible to activate the help mode, change some physical attributes of the game (eg slow down the game speed).

Changes in levels

Optionally strawberries are hidden in each level, obtained by intricate sections on platforms. Obtaining a “berry” has little effect on the amount accumulated per game.

Publish game content

There are cassettes that explain a certain level of more complex “B-page” variation, and crystal hearts are used to access post-game content. Defeating all “B-sides” then unlocks the “C-slide” versions, which consist of many tough but small variations on the level. By clearing all “C-slides” the player can access the options menu. The menu allows players to change the game physics in auxiliary mode similarly. Some of these “option” options include: game acceleration, 360 degrees and low friction.
All this to make the game more challenging or fun.

So, shall we play this adventure?


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