Indie games for PlayStation coming in August

Sony has released a list of six indie PlayStation games with release dates for the month of August. The post was shared on the PS Blog, and players will have some suggestions over the next few weeks.

With a macabre cult franchise in Cult of the Lamb, plenty of rollercoaster action, and the promise of a thrilling narrative in I Was a Teenage Excolonist, the catalog of games developed by independent studios is full.

6 Indie PlayStation Games Coming in August

GigaBash (Release: August 5 PS4 and PS5)

Passion Republic Games is preparing a chaotic multiplayer. In GigaBash, four players control Titans in fierce battles set in destroyed cities throughout the sessions. According to the developers, the title is a combination of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Japanese monster movies.

Cult of the Lamb (Release: August 11 PS4 and PS5)

Cult of the Lamb is one of the weirdest indie PlayStation games on the list. The main character is a fluffy lamb, which is almost killed in a ritual, possessed by an evil spirit. Your mission is now to recruit believers and spread the word about this mysterious creature.

Rollerdrome (Release: August 16 PS4 and PS5)

The developers of OlliOlli World decided to make the stunt action a little more… fatal. In Rollerdrome, players skate and shoot opponents. The promise on PS5 is plenty of immersion from DualSense and 3D audio with haptic feedback right – on compatible devices.

Cursed to Golf (Release: August 18 PS4 and PS5)

To return to the world of the living, a cursed golfer gets into a lot of trouble in an indie PlayStation game. The main tournament in purgatory pits the hero against golf legends and strange creatures while practicing his favorite sport.

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist (Release: August 25 for PS4 and PS5)

A proposal that combines exploratory elements with card games that can captivate the public. Through the game’s narrative, players will be in the shoes of a young member of the first extrasolar space colony. Your choices will directly affect the lives of your friends and colony.

Encrypt (Release: August 30th for PS5)

Another title involving cards, but this time with a dark theme and rogue elements. Your mission in Inscryption is simple: escape from the mysterious hut, solve puzzles and unlock many secrets while building an even stronger deck.

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