[Indie+ #7] No one will save the world, a journey to war and proud games for June

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Among the advantages that indie games have compared to the big blockbusters in the industry is the main one Freedom of creativity. Big budget titles have a lot to lose if they come out too much and the public will not accept this idea. In turn, indie games have to bet on innovations in order to make money Agitation And attracted attention in the market.

No one will save the worldFrom Drinkbox Studios and Hike to WarDevolver Digital fits in perfectly with this idea. Although they do not have the most original building of all time, these games use their concepts and mechanics to make them absolutely fun, amazing and irreplaceable during a drought in the gaming world.

that Indie + This month we tested both games PlayStation 5In addition to installing a A selection of games to celebrate LGBTQIA + Pride Month.

No one will save the world (PS5)

Get ready … for special moments in Nobody Saves The World

Imagine being able to transform into a variety of fantastic creatures, each with different abilities and combat mechanics to save the world from a mysterious magic plague; This is the idea behind Nobody Saves The World, one of the most exciting indie games of early 2022.

The game was released in January, for PC and Xbox, and received a few months later port For PS and Switch. Developed by Drinkbox Studios, in charge Guacamole!The game is a mix of action RPG! Butt creeping And good mood. The inspiration for the Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises is clear, but the title Proves its originality by generally playing with the clichés of fantastic stories.

Control “NobodyYou use a magic wand for transformation, taking in the form of animals such as a mouse or a horse, classic warriors such as a warrior or a thief, and even mythological creatures such as a mermaid or a ghost. Each transformation has a different gameplay And the game pushes you to strategically mix shapes, which creates a lot of fun dynamics.

This is your chance to find your dream stick!

To go ahead with the journey, you must meet the buttocks scattered on the map, collecting stars to open up new areas. Style when entering the buttocks Butt creeping It comes into force and you have to finish it without death, otherwise you will go back to the beginning. There are buttocks with different fines, requirements and traps, so be careful!

The main features of NSTW are the game transformation system and art style, Energetic and comical. You will want to explore and evolve as much as possible to unlock the crazy ones that the game has not shown you yet. Humor is also almost always successful, though there are jokes and moments that do not work. As much as it’s subjective, you’ll not be able to get them right in everything, right?

From above only a strip of story and progress no one saves the world. Not that they are bad, but they are two weaknesses compared to other systems in the game. The narrative is It is very simple and relies too much on jokes to keep the interest, Which makes the adventure boring at some point. It’s not the lack of challenges, new areas or new characters, but the fact that this is not a really exciting journey.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

If you want to have fun playing without a lot of complaints and worries, just spend time before the video game! No one will save the world Is in demand. The game battles are very diverse, different transformations will pique your curiosity and the design of the characters and the universe is sensational.

Just do not expect anything too deep or too deep. This way you will find a great game, good jokes and slightly tricky buttocks. Sometimes that’s all we need in the game.

Thus, no one saves the world is a 7.5 Legion of Heroes!


A trip to Yom is a visual treat

Turning to 180º, what is colorful and funny about no one saving the world, Hike to War Immersed in drama and bloodshed. Devolver’s product, this is a cinematic samurai game that manages to be original and epic even when working on this type of story to the point of exhaustion.

The title ace is Was without losing the essence of the cinematic game. Inspired by the filmography of the legendary Akira Kurosawa, the game is performed in black and white, has a classic shot, uses an amazing soundtrack, sound design and silence in the most precise ways and follows the typical rhythm, script and clichés. Of the genre. But Ghost of Tsushima You did it all, right?

What sets Trek’s Yomi apart from the PlayStation samurai is the game and the purpose of the game. This is a title that has this cinematic signature, but it does not want to distance itself from the classic dynamics of the game. He is not conceived or ambitious beyond bounds; In depth, he is “only” A Lateral scroll Action, with simple attacks and dynamic search, packed in a first-class feature pack – And that’s wonderful!

Cinema in the right size

The sound and art direction of Trek to Yomi is fantastic. He’s more cinematic than his high-budget rivals in that the still-wide-open camera on the set constantly evokes those epic battle scenes. And it is very interesting to relate to such narratives, especially when the depths and mysteries of the environment are scattered everywhere.

Aesthetic elements, combined with the gameplay, create a very enjoyable immersive experience. You are not exactly in the fantastic world of a samurai like Tsushima or even Sekiro, But in the movie. The game is more direct when the player is guided and the pace of the story is enough to entertain you so as not to lose the dynamics that the game requires.

Perhaps the only thing that does not stand out here is the combat system. You have hard attack, agility, defense, posture and skills and there are some moves and challenges, but it’s almost too easy. It does not bother you, it may take some time for you to be released, but after a period of time, you know that what keeps you from traveling to war is anything but battles.

Rating: 9/10

However, do not be mistaken: Hike to War It’s an incredible adventure and could be one of the top performers in early 2022 – not in the first place because it was an absurd semester but in the top 10.

It is a unique mix of movie and game, with simple gameplay, lots of drama and black and white blood. Definitely a title to include in your list.

So a trip to Yom is wonderful 9 For the Legion of Heroes.

Proud games for June

Per Gabriel Matos

June, so Indie + could not pass without marking the month LGBTQIA + Pride with you. We still need a lot, a lot more games for the community and the public, but in recent years a few titles that are watching us (Somehow) Released, one cooler than the other.

Below we will highlight a few games to spend June 100% proudly with the Legion. come to us?

Stardew Valley (PS / Xbox / Switch / PC / Mobile) – Chucklefish

Build your happy farm in Stardew Valley

The first recommendation is a classic Stardew Valley, A game where you take care of your pixel art farm and harass the entire local population. There is nothing better in this holiday season than a village game where you can be who you want to be and meet whoever you want. The romantic options, in addition to being varied to start with different sexualities, are also quite profound, as every farmer has a secret disclosure. Enjoy this game is always cheap on all platforms and start your journey.

Haven (PS / Xbox / Switch / PC) – The Game Bakers

Haven allows you to live a romance between a man and a woman, between two men or two women.

Shelter Adventure RPG game is a rare case where the main story develops a romance between two people. This couple left everything they knew to live as an outlaw on a distant planet. Each interaction is so organic, lovely, and light that it manages to convey the slightest subtlety of this couple’s complex relationship. And most importantly, after the update, it is possible to choose the sex of both characters, the story of the couple that best suits you.

Ikenfell (PS / Xbox / Switch / PC) – Humble Bundle

Aikenfel Is a classic turn-based RPG, inspired Harry PotterWith tactical battles such as Mega Man Combat Network. The story unfolds in a magic castle in which the player controls a novice student who, despite being very strong and lacking in magic skills.

When he explains to his sister what happened to his sister, he gradually learns how to be a better magician and meets super interesting friends. Each specializes in the type of magic and eventually belongs to some of the letters of the LGBTQIA + abbreviation. The soundtrack contains music by Stephen Universe composers and the game brings as cozy an atmosphere as the animation.

Night in the Woods (PS / Xbox / Switch / PC) – Finch

Be gay, commit a crime

Night in the woods Is a macabre adventure game that creates an atmosphere between Twin Peaks And Gravity Waterfall. The story unfolds in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and the player controls a grateful young man who has just returned home after leaving college. When they reconnect with their friends, including a very loving gay couple, a group of friends reveals the horrible secrets of this seemingly peaceful but secretly horrific city.

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip (demo) [PC] – Beautiful glitch

Sexy monsters for all audiences, whether you are LGBTQ + or straight.

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip Is the next chapter in this game franchise about getting to know monsters. It is a competitive dating string where the player can compete online or in person with real life friends to conquer various monsters. The first game takes place in high school, followed by a camping trip, and the next title contains a journey full of hormones. Create your character, choose your pronouns and fall in love with these monsters with absurdly charming personalities. The demo version is available for free and the release will take place soon.

Celeste (PS / Xbox / Switch / PC) – Very good games

Celeste is a neurodegenerator and a sweet history of making people LGBTQ +.

Heavenly Is an award-winning, tough but fair platformer. The game was created by Canadians, with Brazilian art, and has become an absurd success with delicate themes such as excitement, in a genre that is usually focused solely on gameplay. During game development, Home Game Designer! Medy ThorsonIf you discover a transgender woman and share part of your experience with a game hero, MadelineWhich has been proven as a trance update.

Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator (PS / Switch / PC / Mobile) – Game Grumps

Dream Daddy balances fatherhood with gay romance.

Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator (DDADDS) is a fun dating simulator that allows the player to create a single, cistern or transparent parent who has just moved into a residential area full of other hot dads. The most ridiculous thing is that unlike what is expected for this genre, each relationship is very real, which reveals the insecurities and imperfections of each character. In addition, the story also deals with the LGBTQ + families in the relationship between the protagonist and his daughter.

Did you like the recommendations? Do you have any LGBTQ + themed games to recommend? Do not forget to comment!


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