In Street Fighter 6, after a fight, the characters appear “wounded”

Videos released by Capcom show new visual details of the game

One of the next big issue of Capcom, Street Fighter 6 Promises to bring a few details that, if not directly interfering with its mechanics, Contribute to a very comprehensive presentation. After proving that the game’s characters will be able to draw “faces” before the fight, the Japanese developer showed that They will not reveal themselves intact.

According to the trailer published by the developer, In the game, fighters will have bruises that become apparent when receiving blows. At the end of the conflict, the winner shows all the marks and scars he / she has received, which will help give the presentation a more realistic touch – however, It seems that injuries will not affect the game.

The level of detail of Street Fighter 6 is unprecedented for the series, However, he has conducted experiments in the past with testimonials of injured characters. In Street Fighter 2For example, defeated warriors appeared Various bruises and bruises Victory screen.

Street Fighter 6 promises new surprises

Although he has already appeared in shows ᲡGame stationAt Summer Game Festival And in the presentation capcomStreet Fighter 6 still keeps many items hidden. The title promises to take combat series to a new levelOffers a full single player experience as well as multiple modes for competitive online gaming – Which will be of great benefit to netcode rollback.

The development of the game started in 2018 and promises to support three modes: Battlefield, Battle Hub And World Travel. The developer said his goal was to keep the elements that worked in the previous chapters for a while Create new and more accessible experiences for new players.

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Street Fighter 6 should have a good mix of new and old characters Guile as the latest addition to his list – which can have a total of 22 fighters. Capcom has not yet announced a specific release date for the game, which will be released in 2023 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S And Pracha.


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