In Portuguese, Kingdom Hunter, the new Play-to-Earn game from RedFox Games, has started its global beta on mobile devices ⋆

THE RedFox gamesKnown for previously running the Black Desert Online servers in South America, has recently decided to put its chips on a new game in the Play-to-Earn segment for Android and iOS devices, the so-called Royal Hunter. The title is due to be officially released on August 24th, however, the game can be downloaded and played through its global beta.

Play and win with Kingdom Hunter!

  • Royal Hunter This is a mobile game Strategy and collectible cards (GCT) Play and earn Where heroes unite to build a kingdom. Create alliances, conquer enemy heroes and Win the game! a machete Sign up early to win $100 dollars on things!

According to information released by the publisher via Twitter, the Kingdom Hunter Global Beta began this Wednesday (10) and will run for a week, ending on August 17. Until then, players will be able to download the game on Android and iOS devices and check out what the title has to offer. During this period, players who reach level 11 with their Palace will receive 1 LordCoins and have a chance to enter a raffle with prizes of 10 LordCoins and 50 LordCoins. You can check all the details about the event and How to participate here.

To play Kingdom Hunter Beta on Android devices, you need to download and install the game APK (via this link). Since it is an APK, the aap can also be installed on Android emulators on PC if you want. Meanwhile, on iOS, all you have to do is visit this link and follow the instructions on the page. Please note that progress made during the global beta period will be permanently deleted after the end of the testing period on August 17th. The game servers will officially open on August 24.

According to information provided by RedFox Games, Kingdom Hunter is a collectible card game with some strategic elements. That is, in addition to cards, players have access to heroes with different abilities and must work to strengthen their armies and kingdoms in order to dominate the game world. Now as for the presence of NFTs, the company mentioned that the game will be released through the WEMIX platform (the same MIR4 phenomenon) and the adventure will be supported in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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