In November, MMO New World will open its servers for a “fresh start”.

Amazon Games’ decision comes just one year after the game’s official launch

One of the first games released by Amazon Games, MMORPG New Worlds will receive a new wave of servers this November. According to the developer, new spaces will be created to give all players a chance have a “fresh start” And find out how the game performed in its debut.

This means that when entering new areas, players a A world where everyone will still be on the first level. Additionally, no economic registration or group will be created, allowing for changes in the way items are sold and battles are resolved.

We’ve received a lot of requests for New Beginnings Worlds, so we’re using the time between the launch of Brimstone Sands and the opening of those worlds to provide high-quality New Beginnings.“, said Amazon Games on your blog. According to him, the launch should take place in November of this year, but A specific date has not yet been announced.

New servers will not allow character transfers

According to the publisher, new servers for the new world Will not allow transfer of characters. This means that all coins, items, equipment and heroes must spawn in new spaces that They will be offered as a “blank canvas” – until, inevitably, they turn into save servers.ias and advanced player bases.

This Tuesday (18), New World is getting a Brimstone Sands update, which brings a new area of ​​research based on Egyptian culture. It also promises to overhaul the initial experience of the title, making it easier for players to access missions and have Revisit the same areas less frequently as you level up.

The New World, which was released in September 2021, has come under a lot of criticism recently thanks to its fan base. Persistent errors and records of illegal gold sellers and duplicate items. For some players, launching such fast “fresh start” servers is a way of trying to get Amazon to try Leave a problematic legacy behind the gameTo ensure that new players do not experience the same problems that the community that has been dedicated to it for a long time is facing.

Warning sign: The new world has already lost about half of its players in recent weeks

Warning sign: The new world has already lost about half of its players in recent weeks
About 135,000 players quit the game per week


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Source: PC Gamer


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