In Japan, the store requires customers to sell a Playstation 4 before purchasing a Playstation 5

An unusual strategy is used to prevent scalpers from buying multiple PS5s with fake IDs

The lack of components made the search for the next generation console a difficult task. The Playstation 5 is suffering from such availability issues that Sony has already lowered its sales expectations for 2022. In addition, scalpers are trying to get hold of PS5 shares and then sell them at absurd prices. The situation in Japan is no different, and to solve the problem, GEO Networks adopted an unusual strategy: as soon as a new batch of consoles becomes available, retailers Requires the user to sell their PS4 (in store) before purchasing a Playstation 5.

The goal is Prevent scalpers using fake IDs from buying multiple consoles. By asking for Playstation 4 sales, GEO makes it difficult for one person to purchase multiple consoles. It is clear that owning a playstation 4 is not enough to be able to buy a new Sony video game, because Low hardware availability still requires users to be selected through a lottery.

So even if someone had a fake ID drawn, they would still need to have a PS4 to sell. Of course, the idea of ​​a store is a desperate move that brings a lot of problems. First, what if a customer legitimately wants to buy a PS5, is lucky enough to win a chance through a raffle, but has already sold or never bought a PS4? Have you run out of console? This situation will not be pleasant. There is also the possibility that the prices of used previous generation consoles will increase exponentially due to intense demand.

It will still be difficult to buy a Playstation 5

It’s hard to buy a PS5 in Japan and also in the rest of the world. Although the availability situation is not as problematic as in 2021, it seems that Sony will still have a hard time normalizing the stocks. recent situations Geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan may further complicate the scenario. For now, the Japanese will have to deal with the reality of high demand and low availability for the Playstation 5.

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