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Illuvium Is the next adventure RPG game Play-earn It is 100% built on blockchain, which promises to shake up the gaming market.

In it, users can receive rewards for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) by exploring their world, collecting creatures, and winning battles.

The game is Decentralized AAA Class, Developed on blockchain Etherium The so-called decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Illuvium DAO.

Illuvium was first announced in 2020, the game is in open beta. The mobile version is expected to be released later in 2022.

This is a fighting game that combines concepts Metavers, Defi And Cryptocurrencies To create a 3D world Where players can explore the environment, acquire assets, create properties, and complete challenges.

The ILV Token serves as a reward for users for game achievements as well as project development management.

Read on to find out how Illuvium works and how to make money playing it.

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What is ILV?

The rain is a Blockchain game Open world RPG genre, developed on Ethereum that works “A game to win” Or play to win.

Games with these features reward active users who contribute to the game.

The project started in 2020 and is considered The first AAA game on the Ethereum protocol. This figure means that he has received a large financial investment and is expected to be of high quality.

Illuvium is a fighting game where players travel in a fantastic world! Defeat and capture creatures called Illuvians.

There are five classes and five approaches to these creatures, each with its own pros and cons. they are:

  • Classes: Empath, Warrior, Guardian, Rogue and Psion.
  • Similarities: air, earth, fire, nature and water.

These attributes are important because they help you determine your strength in battle.

As the player wins battles and completes quests, their illusions become stronger.

Captured creatures can be added to the collection and used in duels against other players.

The illusion project has its own Tokens, ILV and sILV.

Owners can use ILV to earn liquidity, participate in the governance system, and earn rewards.

The game also uses NFTs to represent each Illuvial and in-game item that can be freely traded in external NFT markets.

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Who are the founders of Illuvium

The Illuvium development team consists of a global team of more than 75 people with experience in a variety of fields.

Some of the more famous names on the team include co-founders Kieran and Aaron Warwick, brothers of Kean Warwick, who founded the DeFi protocol, Synthetix.

Illuvium game producer Nate Wells has previously worked on hit games such as Bioshock, The Last of Us and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

How does Illuvium work?

Illuvium is a game built entirely on blockchain, more precisely on the Ethereum network, like other well-known NFT games such as Sandbox and Decentraland.

Even with these elements, Illuvium looks more like a full-fledged video game.

It can be accessed through a downloadable desktop app, but it also has many helper DeFi apps around it.

One of the pillars of the game is the game-extraction model, which mainly rewards players for participating in actions in this world.

აძIt is possible Get ILV tokens How In-game rewards for playing games, completing PVE missions, achieving outstanding achievements, and winning prizes in tournaments and events.

You can also participate in and / or bet on matches at Leviathan Arena, PVP Battle Arena, where players can compete against each other to prove who is the most powerful ranger in Illuvium.

The game presents revenue streams, which are mainly obtained from the purchase of items in the game. This money is distributed as a reward to those who place bets on ILV tokens through the ILV buying system.

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Game signs (ILV and sILV)

The Illuvium game symbol is an ILV, ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that performs security functions. Remuneration, betting and governance.

Players will be rewarded with ILV Coins for in-game achievements.

Owners can place an ILV and receive passive income in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, token owners can participate in the game management system through Illuvium Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The Board (Illuminati Board) allows the public to collaborate on suggestions for game improvements and other changes to the governance model.

In addition, the platform also has a secondary rating, sILV. This is for users who have ILV tokens by blocking.

There will be a joint delivery of 10 million tokens, out of the three million available on the farm.

These tokens can be purchased in the game or purchased.

History of ILV Token Pricing

The ILV Token saw great appreciation at the end of 2021. From August to December it was more than 700%, from $ 200 to $ 1900, the maximum peak on November 30, 2021.

Its price has since dropped and it traded in the $ 500 range at the time of writing.

History of ILV Token Pricing. Source:

How to Buy Illuvium (ILV)

The Illuvium ILV token can be purchased in-game or at various exchanges in cryptocurrency or Fiat currency.

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Is Illuvium (ILV) worth it?

Illuvium is considered to be the evolution of Axie Infinity and is considered as a new sensation of RPG games in the billion dollar gaming market and it has not yet come out with all its versions.

In addition, the Illuvium team has a strong group of investors, which gives us the idea that this would be a great launch.
Since the game is still new, we do not know what the players will get and therefore it is advisable to have a position in this asset Conservative.

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