IGN confirms the news and names the release date

GTA 6 was announced in February this year and a series of rumors have surfaced since then

THE Rockstar Games It does not expose many Grand Theft Auto 6 Except it is in the process of being processed, but the previous leak has potentially helped fill in the gaps. Credible disclosures have made all sorts of complaints about the game, saying that the next GTA franchise will develop in Vice City and will likely have two characters, a male and a female.

Others have commented on Rockstar’s plans online GTA 6, Say it will have an evolving map, which we saw with Fortnite. The latest rumors surrounding the game are related to the progress of development and approximately when fans will actually be able to play it. According to the website Drug addictsThe news portal IGN International published an article revealing all the games of Georgia ᲐTake twoOut of nowhere Rockstar Games Which are in the process of being developed and have revealed several innovations GTA 6.

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From today until March 2024, ᲐTake two Plans to release more than 40 titles for consoles and Windows PCs, including 23 major budget titles known as “Immersive core”. According to IGN, release window GTA 6 Was not announced, though several sources suggest that Rockstar Games It plans to release it in 2024-2025.

In this regard, the company responsible for Rockstar confirmed the conference to present new projects. More details on new remasters and remakes as well as releases can be expected at this shareholders meeting. We must remember that on May 18, 2 days after it, rumors indicate the announcement of a remake. Red Dead Redemption – We can see similar things happening at the conference ᲐTake two.

In February of this year, the company held a conference with its shareholders to present some of the team’s plans for the current year 2022. This reveals T2 plans for the future, such as releasing new subtitles and remasters by the end of the 2024 fiscal year; May be involved Violator, Red Dead, GTA 4 And Midnight Club.

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