If you agreed with Irina’s mission, we are sorry

At the start of the Elden Ring, players have the option of going after the first boss, the well-known Godric, or roaming the Midlands in search of other activities that prepare the Tainted for more intense challenges.

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South of Limgrave, we can find an entire region that seems to be purpose-built for players who prefer to develop a bit before continuing the story. This short journey obviously ends with the arrival at Castle Morne.

As he advances towards a large building, the player encounters a lone character named Irina, a blind woman in a blood-stained dress. He tells us that there was an uprising in the castle in Morne where he lived with his family. In fact, many died.

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Irina asks the player to take a letter to her father, who is stuck in a prison where the war is still going on. You can accept or reject. However, obviously the tendency of those wanting to continue playing the game is always to accept missions.

Deciding to accept Irina’s request, Dabinduli continues her journey to Castle Morne and will find her father Edgar if she looks hard enough. He regrets the situation he created, and after the conversation the player can continue the fight against the Leonine Bastard.

Lo and behold, when this part of the journey ends, when we pass the place where we first saw Irina, we find her corpse just next to the big gun. His father mourns the tragedy. And you, the player, will probably feel something negative.

There is no saving Irina. No matter how skilled you are in fighting the leonine bastard or how quickly you solve the exit to Castle Morne, he will die and his father will mourn.

Irina's corpse on the floor.

Reproduction: from software/enemy.

Well, if you completely ignore Castle Morne, he’s actually still alive, trapped outside the place he once called home. Otherwise, it dies. This is the player’s reward for trying to help – and also a large spear if you decide to kill Edgar.

Like many aspects of real life, Irina’s journey is unfair. It was probably a good thing that From Software put this side quest early in the game. So you’re already setting yourself up for disappointment as you move forward. And trust me: that feeling will come, but it will be overcome by the taste of success as you defeat each of those brutal bosses.

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