If regret can kill! Xbox has in the past refused to create Marvel games

The head of Marvel Games has revealed how Xbox turned down the ability to make licensed games from the publisher before Sony finalized a deal to produce Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4.

Excerpt from the book “The Ultimate History of Video Games Volume 2”, by Stephen L. Kent shows that Marvel Games Vice President and Director Jay Ong said how the company terminated its agreement with Activision at an early stage to pursue a better partnership.

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According to Ong, Marvel Games was unhappy with the quality of the Spider-Man games released by Activision, which led to the cancellation of the deal between the two companies.

As he was leaving after the meeting, Activision asked him what he would do after regaining rights to the web sling franchise. The director responded that he would find someone who would take better care of him and hear ironies from company executives.

He contacted both Xbox and PlayStation to see if any of them would be interested in establishing an exclusive partnership as there was no agreement with the video game companies. Microsoft had a strategy to focus on its own franchises, which led to the rejection of the offer.

However, Sony was more receptive and called two PlayStation executives, Adam Boyce and John Drake, for a 2014 meeting with Ong at Burbank. He said he dreamed of overcoming the Batman Arkham series of games. And had an idea of ​​it.

The Japanese company’s response was to create the famous exclusive Spider-Man by Insomniac, which was independent at the time but was considered one of Sony’s most important partners. The title was a huge success, selling over 20 million copies, with its spin-off, Miles Morales, selling over 6.5 million games, making it one of the company’s most important releases to date.

In September, during the PlayStation Showcase, the company unveiled Spider-Man 2, which is expected to be released on PS3 exclusively for the PlayStation 5. In addition, there is also a Wolverine game in development.

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