HYENAS is a new multiplayer game from SEGA and Creative Assembly; Trailer and details

Announced by SEGA and developer Creative Assembly Hyenas, Sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC for Steam and Epic Games Store. The title will be released in 2023.

See the trailer and game description below.

Join HYENAS, the new science fiction multiplayer FPS. Assemble a team of the invaluable booty of pop culture from the hands of Martian billionaires and rival groups.

Earth is gone, the rich have colonized Mars, and the rest of humanity lives in hell in Macula, a massive orbital poor. When humanity tries to survive, Martian billionaires care more about fulfilling their nostalgic dreams. There are huge spaceships dedicated to selling pop culture artefacts from Earth, selling our artefacts at astronomical prices to satisfy their desires.

We, the less likely group of talented thieves, are hitting the Martian elite where it hurts the most: their objects, i.e. ours. They call us “hyenas”.
We enter, empty magazines on security clones and other “preventive measures”, steal the good and the best, and leave. Blowing a clone with zero gravity is kind of nonsense, but before we take the goods, it’s worth it.

you are?

Hit the bucket without gravity

Why walk when you can fly? Pass through gravity-free zones where movement and combat flight take place.

Meet the hyenas

A group of unsuitable people with unique abilities and lots of personalities. Choose a hyena that suits your style: shoot bullets everywhere or manipulate the environment in your favor.

Steal cult goods

Collections from the past of pop culture are priceless artefacts from the post-Earth era. Steal cult souvenirs from ship cellars before rival teams do.

Be the biggest part

Compete with other groups of players when confronting ship security forces. Follow your loot quota and run for victory with your team.

An evolving challenge

New HIENAS will enter the game and additional ships will come out to steal more valuable goods.

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