How to record PC gameplay in the best quality?

Check out the different ways to record your game with quality and practicality

A large number of gamers today like the ability to easily record and share snippets of their gameplay in single-player or multiplayer games. Sometimes even posting whole videos on platforms like Youtube or creating a gameplay life. in Olo, It’s nice to have the tools to show your friends that great move you made, that funny and unexpected mistake you made in some open-world game, the moment you beat a boss in Elden Ring that was too hard for you.among other reasons.

The proof of this need is that basically All current generation consoles have some functionality for recording and sharing gameplay, but my goal in this article is to present you the different options we have on the computer to record our games in high quality, without compromising on performance and in a practical way. Happy, We have several alternatives for PCs and it is up to you which one is best or practical to use on your PC.

For those who have a computer with an Nvidia video card, a great option to record your gameplay is to use software The GeForce Experience. This program has many features that can be useful for those with an Nvidia card, such as optimizing game settings and updating drivers, but let’s focus on its game recording options.

There are several different ways to record your game screen with this software. You can simply start and end a full recording, recording the entire game until you decide to stop, You can also set a shortcut to record the last few minutes or seconds of an already cut game, or, in compatible games, you can automatically enable the feature to automatically record highlights.

If GeForce Experience is already properly installed and running on your computer, open the program and Click on the settings icon. Turn the page Overlap in the gameActivate and Click Settings.

You will enter menu Video recording optionsScroll down video record And in this menu you can configure the quality of recordings made by GeForce Experience. You can choose one of the quality presets or adjust it manually Recording resolution, frame rate and also bitrate.

In this menu you can also set the duration of the instant replay recording. Within the game, if this function is enabled (Alt+Shift+F10) the software will record the last minutes of your game, in the interface you can set this value to 20 minutes. To record the last few minutes of the game, just use the shortcut Alt+F10.

With all these setup, you can now record Instant replay using ALT+F10You can write a Continuous video with Alt+F9 Or configure Nvidia Highlights in your game if it’s supported, which will automatically record game snippets when you kill or win a match, for example.

In the audio settings, you can still set the volume of the system audio and your microphone, and even choose the option to record to files with two separate tracks of these two audio sources, which can be useful for more detailed editing.

Download Nvidia GeForce Experience

Now, if you have a computer with AMD Radeon graphics, you can check it out AMD Software – Adrenalin Edition To record your games. The program will have mostly the same capture features described in the previous GeForce Experience topic, but the settings interface is slightly different. First of all, it is important to configure the quality of the video you want to capture.

When you open the program, go to the Record and Broadcast tab to configure various aspects of the video.

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You can here too Configure the video bit rate, recording resolution, video encoding type (we recommend leaving it at HEVC) and configure the recording frame rate. As with the Nvidia alternative, you can adjust the balance between the microphone and system sounds, separate the two tracks, but you can also configure the audio bitrate.

By properly configuring this software, the shortcut can now be used Ctrl+Shift+S to do instant playback And record the last moments of the gameplay or you can Record continuous video with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E. The full overlay can be invoked with the shortcut Alt+R.

Download AMD Software Adrenalin Edition

If you’re not going to download any additional software, or have an Xbox Series controller and want to control multiple captures via the Share button, perhaps the best alternative is to use the Windows recording tool itself via the Xbox Game Bar.

To get the best quality with this tool, Go to Settings > Games > Screenshots and make some changes to the settings. You can Determine in which folder you want to save the captured images, enable the recording function (similar to instant replay) and set the time to 10 minutes.

You can also set the video frame rate to 60fps for smoother recording as well Increase the video quality from standard to high. Also configure the audio output of your system and microphone, including balancing between these two sources.

With this configuration, you can access the Xbox Game Bar menu by pressing Windows+G while playing, and you can also use the shortcut Windows+Alt+G to record the last moments or use Windows+Alt+R to start continuous recording.

If you have an Xbox Series controller, you can also use the share button to control these captures, by clicking after taking a screenshot and pressing the share button will start continuous recording.

If you are looking to record your games With more options to customize exactly what type of video you want to save, your ideal alternative would probably be Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS. It is worth noting that in this tool you Will not save instant replay, but it will offer you more resources to film a full game, maybe publish a video on a platform like Youtube. OBS is also one of the main programs used by streamers to do live broadcasts, but Let’s focus here on screen recording and gaming settings.

When you open the software, you’ll need to add a font and choose a screenshot of your screen or the window of the game you’re playing.

To configure recording quality and other aspects, look for the button parameters Near the left corner of the software. in the menu get out you can Configure the video and audio bitrate, encoder (which we recommend using hardware priority) and Codification Be faster or higher quality, but heavier. You can also set the location where the recordings will be saved and the recording file format.

in the menu video You can set the recording resolution (output), which we recommend leaving the same as the input if possible, as well as the video frame rate. In the audio settings, you can also make some additional settings.

To record, simply select the button Start recording on the left of the main interface and just select to finish recording Stop recording in the same place.

Download OBS


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