How to play Tibia? Check out 7 tips for beginners

Anyone who was a child or teenager in the early 2000s has certainly heard of or played with Shin – MMORPG was developed by CipSoft for PC and was released in 1997.

As a free game, extremely light and with several opportunities for search and missions, it has quickly become one of the favorites of fans of this genre and the most interesting thing is that even after 25 years it still has a very large base of players. That they love to enjoy everything that the world has to offer.

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And if you are thinking about having fun with this game but do not know exactly where to start, do not worry! In this lesson we will give you some important tips on quests, commands and everything new adventurers need to know to start their journey. Check it out below:

1. Create your character

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This may seem obvious, but the first step is penetration Tibia official site And create your account, because this step determines the name and gender of your character. If you have not downloaded the game yet, use the feature and download it on the next screen.

2. Make the most of Downport

Upon entering the game for the first time, players will be guided by a short lesson that will basically explain how to move around, pick up items, fight enemies, use a backpack, and restore health through food.

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At the end of this brief explanation we come to the island SubportAn area for beginners that can only be reached on arrival Level 8That is, it is time to fight the monsters outside to gain experience, items and gold.

In addition, there are NPCs to help you get started on your adventure. For example, Inigo Can provide game information, basic survival and combat tips, explain PvP, and even provide information on the next steps you need to take, such as a shovel that can be purchased Richard Seller Or in the killing of enemies taken by plunder.

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The most interesting thing is that in this part it is possible to test the four classes offered by the game – Knight, Druid, Magician and Paladin – and find out which one suits your style. It is important to test all of them, because it is on this island that you will choose what will be the final profession of your character.

Players can stay in the region until then Level 20After that they were constantly taken to Rukgard and could not return. So make the most of your time here to learn all the mechanics, master the battle, and determine the right profession for your character during this adventure.

3. Understanding the menu is essential

Of course, you will not enjoy any of the games unless you know what each part of the menu means, right? And even with a short lesson, in ShinThe lack of data presented on the screen and without much explanation about the function of each of them.

So to make life easier for new players, let’s explain a little more about the most important parts:

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1. Game window – This is where your adventure will develop, where your character and everything around him will be shown.

2. Status bar – The basic information presented in any RPG, i.e. the red stripe is your life points, the blue stripe is your magic and below, the amount of experience needed to move to the next level.

3. Miniruka – Your guide to the game world. It starts with almost no information, but as soon as you advance your adventure, it will expand and the black areas will change into places of study. It is also possible to zoom in and out using the side buttons, or by clicking on a map and scrolling the mouse.

4. Inventory – An essential part of the MMORPG, it is divided into small slots and also comes with a backpack that stores all the items you get along the way.

5. Combat poses – These buttons determine how your adventurer reacts to enemies. By moving the mouse on each of them you can see a short explanation, for example, one of them allows you to chase the enemy until he dies, while the other guarantees a more defensive posture. Also, here players choose whether to activate PvP mode.

6. Action line – Famous shortcuts to cast your spells and the useful items you use often.

7. Cooling strip – Demonstrates the ability to re-use at the required time.

8. Dialog window – Window for communication with other players and NPCs.

9. Shop – Opens an in-game store.

10. Options – Menu that defines your settings.

11. Exit – Get out of the game.

12. Stop – Immediately stops any movement that your avatar makes.

Help – Activate the “magnifying glass” to clear your doubts.

4. Ropes and paddles are very important

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As we mentioned at the beginning, the universe Shin Offers plenty of research for its adventurers, with different locations such as caves and buttocks found on the continent.

So always having a rope in your backpack will be extremely necessary to explore different areas to move forward, while a shovel will help you dig holes and find buried items, so it is a good idea to never leave them on the road. Your inventory.

Both can be obtained at an early stage SubportReaffirm the importance of making the most of the island and do not miss the guide.

5. Save your medications

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At the beginning of your adventure ShinPrefer to use healing spells, especially if you choose to play Druid, Because it allows you to develop your magical attributes. They are an ideal time to use them when fighting very powerful enemies that can do far more damage than restore your healing abilities and give you more breathing space during the battle.

Also, while they can be found in some places, you usually need to buy medicines, so leaving them as a last resort will also help you save your hard-earned money on other essentials.

6. Meals are essential

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Another way to save on your medication is to consume food that serves to regenerate HP and MP and may have other uses such as speeding up, scoring skills, and so on.

Food can be found in the form of loot by defeating certain creatures, purchased from NPCs, as a result of special measures taken, and even prepared by the player himself, which makes them even more special.

An interesting tip for your game is to find and save a lot Brown mushroomsWhat you can get as loot from various monsters is very light and will help you to restore a large part of your avatar health.

7. Miniruka is an excellent tool

Source: Stella / Voxel

As you progress in your search ShinYour minivan will become more perfect, allowing you to move around the area by clicking on the selected part of it, if it has already been discovered.

However, for exploring so many locations and completing a mission, you may get a little lost, so using the highlighted places feature is a great option to not get confused in those moments and leave nothing out.

Additionally, some NPCs can also select parts that may interest you, so be sure to keep an eye out and use the minimap features whenever you can!

Now that you have discovered a few tips, do not forget to take as many quests as possible, find allies and, of course, make the most of everything. Shin Have an offer!

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