How to play The Sims for free on mobile?

ᲗIn the game Sims Is a highly popular “life simulator” around the world. Created by developer Will Wright and released by Maxis in 2000, the game has had several versions over these 2 decades, in addition to the classic expansion that brings new developments to the lives of “people” led by players.

But those who really like the franchise do not need to wait just to play on their favorite computer or console. Can also play Sims Mobile In you Smartphone – And most importantly: for free, “without putting your hand in your pocket.”

In this text we will explain how to do it on iOS or Android phones, but let’s recall a little bit about the history of this amazing game.

Sims: From building houses to real simulation

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First of all, we must remember that it is a franchise Yes It does not start with addiction Match Of lifeWhere we just need to make sure the family stays alive and functional, i.e. making money and ensuring that all residents have food and fun.

The game started with the classics SimCity, The first version of which was released in 1989. As its name suggests, the game involved building a city and setting up an administration so that it could continue to exist. Thus, the player needed to control electrical and hydraulic systems, taxes, as well as urban and rural management. Eventually, it became necessary to avoid destruction as a result of the city’s natural disaster.

Success SimCity It was overwhelming. Eleven years later, on February 4, 2000, Maxis (now part of Electronic Arts) was released. Sims, Which used the same 2D and 3D technologies to manage people’s lives to create the game. In a very short time it became very popular: in 2002 it reached the mark of the best-selling computer game of all time.

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After 7 expansions, Maxis was released in 2004, The Sims 2, Fully 3D technology. People in the game (just named Sims) have now been able to choose aspiration and hone their skills in it, to achieve new goals.

Game in 2009 Sims 3 It turned out that it gave more freedom within the simulation game: it was possible to create personalized Sims and much more relationships with neighbors. In addition to extensions, the game now has packages of items that expand the ability to purchase clothing, furniture, and other items.

Eventually, Maxis was released Sims 4 In 2014, it became the 4th generation of the most popular life simulation game in the world. The new version improved the quality of the schedule, introduced more possibilities for personalizing Sims and their homes, new building modes and extensions, allowing Sim to pursue professions and go to work.

You met Sims Mobile

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In 2017, Maxis was launched Sims Mobile, Version for Smartphone From this fantastic game. It is based on Sims 4 And aims to be as close as possible to the original game for PC and consoles.

Sims Mobile This is a smaller version of the original game, but it will not disappoint. It provides a lot of fun for those who know how to explore the proposed features. You can try life in different careers, arrange a house, meet neighbors, date, get married and have children, or whatever you can do in the normal version.

The game offers a multiplayer version, which means you can interact with other Sims commanded by other people. The interaction is real!

ᲠHow to play Sims Mobile Android or iOS mobile?

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To download Sims Mobile On your mobile and start playing now, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to the store on your smartphone or tablet (App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play Android) and search Sims.
  • Click the “Install” button and wait for the download Application.
  • Launch the app and click on Login in the sidebar.
  • After entering you can already see the houses and strings in the neighborhood. Click on them to see more details.
  • An option to create your own Sim will also appear. Change it if you want: Change your skin tone, hair, clothes and accessories.
  • Enter the game and now it ‘s just fun! Challenges are constantly coming so that the game always stays interesting.

Valuable tips Sims Mobile

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I want to rock Sims Mobile? So follow these tips and make your Sims life even more fun!

  • Always complete daily missions that appear for your Sim. This ensures progress in the game and more Simoleon (Sims money) output.
  • Create at least two strings to drive your home. Sims Is a game that is mainly based on creating and maintaining sociability. If you have at least two characters, you can maintain interaction between them and continue to advance in the game so as not to rely on relationships with neighbors.
  • Events are also an important part Sims Mobile. Therefore, also try to complete what you see (they happen in the fields of career, relationships and hobbies).

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  • Choose the personal qualities of your strings well. Depending on what you choose, your Sim will develop better in one area. For example: if he chooses “ambitious”, he will develop better in Career Events; If he chooses “good”, he will get more XP while cultivating sociability; and so on.
  • Many games provide their revenue by submitting promotional videos to players. Is something boring? This is. But keep in mind that there are advantages to running these videos. You can earn new items, money, unlock new sets of objects, among other benefits.
  • If you go too far in the game, at some point your Sim resignation option will appear. It may seem a bit boring to quit, but it can be worth it: after retirement you can unlock heirs, new hobbies and some items.

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