How to play The Legend of Zelda in chronological order?

With two dozen games in the majors, Legend of Ზelda is one of Nintendo’s most popular series, but it’s not even close easier to understand. After all, Link and Zelda’s adventure involves time travel – and of course, that makes things even more confusing.

To give you an idea, the series is divided different deadlines After the events of the first era, resulting in alternate universes that at some point seem to come together again, causing an age of trouble.

Chronological order of the Zelda series

We know this from experience Understanding the series is not a task for the faint of heart. For years, Nintendo itself has shown difficulty Fitting titles into a timeline that made sense. Fortunately, the genius minds behind the franchise figured it out and The chronological order has been confirmed.

It is important to note that Not all titles in the series are part of the official timelineWith releases like the first one Hyrule Warriors And CD-i games, for example, are omitted. For simplicity, we have listed everything in order below:

  • the beginning of everything
  • time of trouble

As you can see, events have seen recognition Ocarina of Time generated Three alternate realities on which various games fit. Many years later, these lines converged and laid the foundation for a new era.

Then there is a brief explanation of the events that took place Confused timelines From the saga of Link, Zelda and Ganon.

the beginning of everything

For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years in the past, A legend was born

Skyward sword

In Skyward swordPlayers meet Link and Zelda in Skyloft, the city above the clouds, follow Creating a master sword And witness the events that lead to the eternal loop of the forces of good versus evil.

Mini hat

after many years Skyward swordA young man named Link meets Ezlo, a member grant which was turned into a hat by the evil mage Vaat. When a villain attacks the castle, Link embarks on a journey to the kingdom of Hyrule to protect Zelda.

four swords

Marking the series’ entry into the multiplayer world, four swords Allowed up to four players to run on Hyrule at once. In the game, Vaat returns and must fight again, this time using a mythical blade known as four swords.

Ocarina of Time

One of the most famous and iconic games in the entire series, Ocarina of Time Celebrated an entire generation and influenced the entire gaming industry. In the story, Link’s life changes when he, until now an only child in the village of Kokir without a fairy, meets a boat and embarks on an adventure that includes Travel seven years into the future Help the young princess Zelda stop the plans of the Gerudo King Ganondorf.

Fallen Hero timeline

When created in this reality Link lost his battle with Ganondorf in Ocarina of TimeThe world has succumbed to the power of the evil one.

A link to the past

On a rainy night, a young man named Link receives a telepathic message from Princess Zelda asking for help. He is imprisoned by the sorcerer Aganim, a servant of Ganon, who is about to Imprison the seven maidens of Hyrule in the Dark Realm and free their master.

Link’s Awakening

After defeating Ganon ALttPwhile viewing Link is caught in a terrible storm and ends up in KoholintA mysterious island full of dangers and a strange giant egg on top of a mountain.

Oracle of the Seasons

After the events of the previous game, Link is summoned by the Triforce to help DeanA famous dancer who also possesses powers Oracle of the Seasons. The hero goes on an adventure into the realm of the Holodrum in search of the Wand of Seasons, a staff that gives him the ability to change the seasons at will, which he must use to stop the plans of General Onox and the evil sorcerer Twinrova. .

Oracle of Ages

After being summoned by the Triforce, Link goes on an adventure to help NayruOracle of Ages, who is also the singer with the most beautiful voice in the entire kingdom of Labrina. When he is possessed by the wizard Veran, his powers greatly affect the flow of time, and it is up to the boy to find an ancient harp instrument to control time and stop the Shadow Wizard and Twinova’s plan.

A connection between worlds

after many years ALttP, the new Link must save Hyrule from a powerful sorcerer who can lock people in frames. The hero eventually gains the power to transform into paints and A journey between the worlds of Hyrule and Lorule, a distorted version of his kingdom. The boy uses his new abilities to help Princess Zelda and fight the villain.

Tri Force Heroes

after a few years ALBWLink ventures out into the world in search of adventure and discovers the kingdom of Hytopia, where Princess Styla suffers at the hands of the sorceress Lady Maud, who is forced to wear hideous clothing. Because her kingdom loves fashion so much, the princess needs the help of Link, who goes out A new multiplayer mission.

Legend of Ზelda

While the first installment of the series didn’t really have a very deep plot, we know that Link embarks on an adventure to save Zelda and Hyrule At the hands of Ganon – who seems to be winning as the world is in chaos and full of monsters.

The Adventures of Link

About three years later TLoZ, Ganon’s minions plan a ritual to resurrect their master. To do this, they will need the blood of Link, who goes out in search of the Quest for Courage to awaken Princess Zelda from a deep sleep.

Child Link’s Timeline

In this alternate world, Link won In the fight against Ganondorf Ocarina of Time and returned to the pastwhen he was still a child.

Majora’s Mask

At the end after leaving the boat OoTLink decides to go in search of his friend and attacks Skull Kid, who was being controlled by Majora’s terrifying mask. The hero ends up in a term that looks kind of A parallel universe where the moon is on a collision course with a planet. He must stop the end of the world… and he only has three days to complete the task.

Twilight Princess

Many years have passed since then OoT and mmAnd a new Link is reborn in Hyrule. The hero needs one more time join forces with a creature named Midna Helping Princess Zelda fight Ganondorf, who was imprisoned in the Twilight Kingdom and managed to break free, led an army of strange and dangerous creatures.

The Adventures of Four Swords

Vaath returns once more, but now Link discovers that he is actually just a pawn of Ganondorf, reincarnated centuries after his defeat. TP.

Adult Link Timeline

This alternate reality was created when Link won In the fight against Ganondorf Ocarina of Time. The hero returned to the past, but O The world of the future, even his presence, continued to exist free from the menace of the evildoer.

Wind Waker

centuries later OoT, Hyrule is now submerged in the ocean It is known as the Great Sea. After his sister is kidnapped, a little boy named Link comes to the rescue, discovering the secrets of the universe, meeting the pirate Tetra, and embarking on an adventure across (and under) the seas.

The Phantom Hourglass

Link and Tetra set off on a new adventure after the events of WW The mission is to find dry land and found a new Hyrule.

Spirit Tracks

More than a century after the events Windmill and The Phantom HourglassLink is reborn and now needs it Defend the new kingdom of Hyrule from an evil new threat… this time traveling on rails!

time of trouble

Somehow, many years in the future, the three timelines converged, giving rise to the world seen an age of trouble. There are many hints that this reality may be an amalgamation of the other three, with elements relating to the titles. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Link’s AwakeningFor example, presence wild breath.

an age of trouble

100 years before the events wild breath, Link and his friends face an age of troubleWhen disaster strikes, Ganon marches against the forces of Hyrule to take over the kingdom.

wild breath

century later an age of trouble, Link awakens from a deep sleep to find that the kingdom has fallen apart.. Your army has lost battles in the past…but not the war! The boy then embarks on a new adventure to join forces and fight Ganon again.

Continuation of Breath of the Wild

We still don’t know much about it to continue BotW, but the hype is in heaven. From the trailers released so far, we’ve seen Link gain new powers and visit islands in the sky with possible clues Skyward swordToday it is considered the beginning of the saga.

Does the circuit close, which breaks the loop? We won’t know the answer to that question until next year, because The wild breath It was postponed until 2023.

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