How to buy Football Manager 2023 in Brazil

Along with some exciting news, Football Manager 2023 will be released on November 8. The game will be available for the first time on Playstation, in addition to Xbox and Switch, as well as on PC. The game is now available for pre-order and those who purchase it will be able to start playing the game a week before launch. The game has restrictions in Brazil, so it is not officially sold in stores, but it is possible to buy the game legally, without piracy. As has become traditional, here at Trivela we show you how you can buy the game in Brazil. And if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, for example, you won’t have to pay anything.

The game has not been officially sold in Brazil since 2017 due to a licensing conflict. This made it difficult to officially purchase the game, but it is still possible. As a rule, when talking about the PC, the price was lower, but since it is not officially sold here, it is necessary to buy the game in foreign currency. Because Real is so underrated, the price is high, even for PC, approaching the price charged for console games.

what versions Full, console and touch

There are four sold versions of Football Manager. The most common is the full version, which is also the most played and the most traditional, for PC, with all the features. Since last year, SI Games has released a version for consoles, which was originally only for Xbox and was called Xbox Edition, which this time will also have versions for Playstation and Switch. In the case of Xbox, the game will be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass, meaning there will be no cost to those who subscribe. Both PC and console versions will be available (each can only be played on the respective platform).

This version has differences especially in the interface: since it is designed for a console, it has been adapted to make it easier to play using a controller, as we have seen in other games of this type, such as City Skylines, which had a console. version for some time. While the PC version is designed to allow players to pass the time between matches, watch players, improve tactics and improve training, the console version is simplified so that players can move from game to game more quickly without having to focus too much on the details between games. It speeds up the player to be more focused on the games.

The big news this year is the return of the Touch edition, which is great news. The Touch version is simplified compared to the PC version and is recommended for those who have never played or have only played older versions of Football Manager (or even Championship Manager, its predecessor). This version will be available on Apple Arcade, the company’s gaming-focused subscription service, and also on the Nintendo Switch, in which case you’ll need to purchase it.

Finally, there is a mobile version, but we do not recommend it. It is possible to buy and you can find sellers selling the original game on Mercado Livre, but it is difficult to know which is the original version and which is the pirated version. The risk is high, the cost is often high, and we do not recommend buying. There are other mobile version games in the same genre that you might like. Football Manager on mobile is a very simplified version and therefore there are competitors that can do the same, some for free. This is a case that is officially not worth buying.

How to buy the PC version

If you want to buy the PC version, we recommend the easiest way: buy from a reputable seller. Here on the site we always buy from the Marton Shop who already sell the game. The game is powered by Steam, a very traditional gaming platform.

There are two versions available for purchase. If you want to play on a new Steam account, the seller creates one for you and provides you with the activation of the game. This version has a lower cost: 180 R$. If you already have a Steam account and want to activate the game on that account, it is possible, but it requires more work and costs a little more: R$ 240. This is a trusted seller and one we have been shopping here for a long time.

If you insist on playing on your current Steam account, you will need to give the seller access to log into your account and place the game there. This is a process of trust, so don’t do it unless you know the seller’s reputation. That’s why we can recommend Marton Shop, where we used to shop here a few years ago.

The seller will log into your account, put the game there and return it to you. Your account will be temporarily moved to another country (which requires a purchase) and then you will receive the game as a gift. Then the seller returns your account, the game is already in the library, as usual. The game will stay in your library forever and it is completely legal, you will have a legitimate license, purchased and activated abroad.

It’s also possible to buy directly on Steam, but it’s a riskier and more time-consuming process. To compare via Steam or Epic, you will need to move your account to another country. To do this, you’ll need to use a VPN and, in the case of Steam, make a purchase in the new country to ratify the change. After purchasing the game to change countries, you can purchase Football Manager (always using a VPN) and then you will need to purchase another game to get your account back in Brazil.

Epic Games greatly limits the changing countries and can only change once every six months. The process is similar to Steam. The downside is that you can only change your account to Brazil in six months, which will affect if you want to buy other games through the platform. If you move to the US, for example, you’ll have to buy your games in dollars for the next six months, which isn’t good at the current exchange rate.

It is still possible to buy directly from the Football Manager website, but you will also need to use a VPN to be able to activate this. If you try to buy from Brazil with an IP, you won’t be able to.

How to play on Xbox and PC with Game Pass

Like FM 2022, FM 2023 will be available on Game Pass upon launch on November 8th. If your account is set to Brazil, you won’t see the game, but you can change and download the game very easily. Here’s how to do it on PC and console:

on the computer

For those who want to play on PC, it’s easy. In Windows, click the Start button and click Settings. Then click on “Time and Language”. Then click on “Region”. Change the country to United States. Open the Xbox app and search for Football Manager. You will see that the game will become available. For now only Football Manager 2022 and Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition. Football Manager 2023 will also be available from 9.

in the console

Go to Xbox Settings, enter System, then “Language & Locale”. There, change the locale from Brazil to the United States. Click “Restart Now” to apply the changes.

Go to the Game Pass available games screen, search for Football Manager. If you don’t want to search individually, press Y and search directly by name. When you find the game, just click “Install”. When you’re done downloading, just run it and voila! Then just play.

Currently only Football Manager 2022 is available. Football Manager 2023 will be available from November 8.

How to buy on Playstation

To purchase through the PS Store, your account must be from a country other than Brazil. For those with a Brazilian account, there is a block, even when using a VPN, that prevents them from purchasing. We still haven’t found a way to buy it any other way. We see that the price for EU countries is €49 and €39 for Playstation Plus members.

How to play on Nintendo Switch and Apple Acarde

For those who subscribe to Apple Arcade and have an iPad, you can play for free. The game will be available from the November 8 launch.

In the case of the Nintendo eShop, we had no trouble purchasing the previous version, FM 2022, even without using a VPN. The game won’t be available to purchase until the November 8th launch, so you’ll just have to pick up the game and buy it – you’ll probably pay around $40 in dollars.

It is possible to significantly improve your in-game experience by patching clubs that are not licensed, such as Italy’s Juventus and Brazilian teams that have acronyms instead of their real names. For this, there are several updates made by users, both in Workshop, Steam and specialized sites like FManager forum.

We recommend visiting the dedicated Football Manager websites if you want to add interesting features to the game, such as photos of players and official club ships (most clubs do not have ships, as do competitions or national federations). In addition to FManager, a forum that already has a lot of resources, in addition to discussions, there are sites such as FM Scout and Sortitoutsi with plugins, shield packs and competition logos; types of players; team shirts; In addition to licensing measures, one of the most important is to correct the names of unlicensed clubs or competitions. There you will also find instructions (in English) on how to do this.

Finally, we emphasize something fundamental: we are against piracy. It is possible to buy a license legally, and we strongly recommend doing so in order to take advantage of all the features it has, including the updates SI itself will make to the game. Updates will be constant and will happen throughout the year, with lane tweaks, glitches, and even team updates.

Football Manager is a great football experience like few in the world. In this category of managers, there is certainly no other player who comes close. It is worth taking advantage of. And if you buy, send us your experience and tell us about the savings you made! If you allow it, we will publish it here on the site. Send a message [email protected]

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