How to avoid movie, series and game spoilers online

Extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox allow you to stay safe in crucial moments of entertainment.

Anyone who has never had the discomfort of receiving spoilers from some consumer media fan or high expectations cast the first stone! Regardless of how sensitive you are about receiving information, the fact is that in some cases it can drastically spoil the experience and also undermine the intention of your producers.

In movies, series or even games, many narratives are built to surprise the audience and create a lot of buzz. However, in a society where information is instantaneous, even if you try hard to dodge all the bullets, it’s hard to escape if you’re a connected person (or even someone who uses Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms), especially when it comes to refers to large production.

Reproduction/GIPHY - Warner Bros.

Reproduction/GIPHY – Warner Bros.

After all, even a simple thumb on a video can deliver a game. And let’s face it, not everyone can – and shouldn’t – arrange their routine to watch a pre-release or premiere of long-awaited content every time. There are also other important things in life.

How to avoid spoilers online?

Since there are always kind souls in the digital world, you can try to minimize the damage. For this, you need to know about the free Spoiler Protection extension, which is available for Google Chrome (and Chromium derivatives like Edge) and Firefox, the latter of which can also be used in the Android version.

It helps you avoid spoilers you don’t want to receive when browsing online. Basically, it hides information based on keywords from the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • news sites
  • And more

However, before installation, you should be warned that the extension requests access to your browsing history and data. The developers state that they do not collect any identifiable data or information, only anonymously to improve their tool.

Step 1

first of all You need to download the extension. Just log in and install in your browser:

Step 2

By clicking on the browser extension, you can Add keywords to censor, as well as where they will appear. By default it hides keywords:

  • pictures
  • videos
  • Extensions
  • Keywords in website texts
  • Categories in website texts
  • lists

All of them can be controlled, ie you can choose to see images but not texts and vice versa. However, it is recommended to leave all of them active. Add keywords for movies, series, games, etc. that you want to hide its contents.

also It is possible to change the background color which will be placed on top to hide the contents.

Step 3

You can also Create or import keyword categories Hide series and movie spoilers in a more organized way in the categories tab. Just build your rankings and post a basket of keywords. Next to him is also A white listThat is, a list of trusted URLs that you can add if you don’t want to censor anything on those domains.

Step 4

tab Spoiler context, is a very interesting option for you, although more advanced. On most websites and social networks, the extension automatically hides any content from the context that is semantically close to the spoiler, although there are exceptions when the extension may not work as well.

In this case, you can change some variables of the given site to solve the problem! Simply provide a name, domain URL, and use classifications such as node, class, or ID separated by commas to test and succeed in your attempt.

Check the censorship result

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? The extension is completely free, but it has a donation option to stay active. Sure, it doesn’t solve the problem of that clumsy friend from work or WhatsApp boys, but prevention is always the best medicine.

Write in the comments below what you think about this idea!

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