How the Dodgers discovered Tony Gonsolini and Tyler Anderson

Cincinnati – No team loses a higher shot starting pitchers than the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, no team plays so well on the pitch. It’s part of life in the blue.

“I was at Sandy Cufax’s sculpture ceremony last week and she talked about how, when you wear this uniform, a lot of legacy will remain with the Dodgers,” manager Dave Roberts said Tuesday ahead of the Cincinnati game. Reds. “And I believe that when you have Clayton Kershaw here, the bar is very high. So the expectations when you take the hill for us are higher. ”

Kershaw, who missed several weeks with a lower back injury, is back to resume his march to the Hall of Fame. The hands around him change, but the result remains the same. The Dodgers starters led the Majors with a winning run to 2.62 on Wednesday, despite missing out on a five-man rotation from 2021.

Last season, the Dodgers hired Max Scherzer, Trevor Bauer, Walker Buhler, David Price and Dustin May. These pitchers made 77 starts for the team that set the franchise record with 106 wins. All went out of rotation.

Scherzer signed more. Bauer was suspended for two years in April for violating a policy of domestic violence in baseball. Buhler underwent elbow surgery this month due to a strain on his arm and his return is uncertain. The price is average relief. May Tommy recovered after John’s surgery.

For the Dodgers, however, it is only an opportunity to shine for others. Tony Gonsolini and Tyler Anderson teamed up 17-0 to help the team top the Western National League in a virtual match against San Diego. Both beginners could be the first all-stars next month.

“I feel like they’re not writing anything here,” said Anderson, a left-back who signed with the Dodgers six years later with four teams – and averaged 4.62 points. “Some teams, if you try something, they really do not like trying new ones. “While they are not afraid to try new things here – and they also know how to destroy what does not work.”

Anderson, who signed a one-year contract worth $ 8 million, changed his best pitch, change. According to the Fangraphs, he is now the slowest of his kind among qualified NL pitchers, at 79.2 miles per hour, according to the Fangraphs, which helps him play his normally fast ball.

Gonzolly has been trying to get more shots this season, while using his splitter more than any other NL beginner. Teams have largely prevented pitchers from using the pitch for fear of injury since its heyday in the 1980s. But Roberts believes Splitter should be back – and Gonzolin can reveal that if he starts playing all-star at home next month.

“It would be pretty cool,” said Gonsollin, Dodgers’ ninth-round draft pick in 2016. “It would be great for him to be at the Dodger Stadium. It was just awesome to be a part of this environment, to take this opportunity if it happens. ”

Andrew Henny, who returned from a shoulder injury last week and stopped the change altogether, has a 0.59 era with 23 shots and four walks in three starts. Hini signed a one-year, $ 8.5 million contract after fighting for the Angels and Yankees last season.

“Throw your best pitch more often,” Henny said. “It makes a lot of sense to me.”

Henry, like Anderson, had medical experience on several teams; For eight seasons his ERA was 4.72. Jens Almonte, the director with his fourth organization, has succeeded in highlighting the sinks with four stitches. The other facilitator, Evan Phillips, had a 7.26 era for the three teams and a 2.43 mark after the Dodgers rejected him last August.

“We still have competition; “It’s not like we go to the Dodgers and they throw dust at us and suddenly we are who we are,” Phillips said. “We are all talented and I think they will just challenge us to show the best in ourselves. And in such a room, when you are surrounded by the Hall of Fame and all the stars left and right, it elevates everyone. ”

Kershaw, 34, finished last season on the injury list but returned for a year and $ 17 million. He spent 15 seasons with the Dodgers, enough to witness their last losing record (80-82 in 2010) and return to dominance at Pitching, which marked the premiere of Cufax in the 1960s.

“Doggers do a good job of figuring out what you do well and use it – a lot,” Kershaw said. “There are some organizations that organize pitching very well. We are one of them. Cleveland is one of them. Tampa Bay is one of them. I think everyone does it a little differently, but it seems the Dodgers find someone’s strength who may not appear on paper, but if you dig a little deeper, you can see that this guy has some ability.

This is the sixth season in a row that the Dodgers have the lowest era in the NL, from 2.90 on Wednesday. Hannie said the unity between the teams in the team’s huge coaching and front office structure made it easier to make changes.

“There is an openness to saying ‘let’s try something different’ and the boys are not bothered by it,” Hini said. “There is a confidence like, ‘Well, they’re not going to bring me in if you do not believe in what can be unlocked.’

General Manager Brandon Gomez played under Tampa Bay under Andrew Friedman, who left in 2014 to head the Dodgers Baseball Operations Division. Gomez said the raw data did not change much after his game, but teams found more ways to use it.

The old idea that players usually follow their established patterns – that they would play baseball cards, as they say – no longer works.

“There are different ways to develop players and not just in small leagues,” Gomez said. “There is also the development of big league players.”

The Dodgers could have added more depth in the second half, with May, Danny Duff, Tommy Cann and Blake Trainen possibly returning from various injuries. The Dodgers are spending a total of $ 6.725 million this season on board and canal purchases, and if none of them return, they can pay for gambling. Their bets on Henny – and especially Anderson – are already paying off.

Such a portfolio distinguishes the Dodgers. According to Spotrac, the team has a salary of about $ 260 million, which is more than the bottom line for the richest.

“How well they find the tough guys and the ability to spend money between them – after all, if you spend money, you get good players and good players win games,” Kershaw said. “I do not care how every other team thinks they’re going to do it, that ‘s how you have a good team that was able to do it. If you’re not going to spend money, you can have a good year. But you have to have good players and good players money. costs.

The Dodgers’s big spending, for players like Kershaw, Mookie Bates, Freddie Freeman, Tre Turner and others, is the most important. But their success in developing players in the majoritarians could save their season.

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