How long does it take to clear immortality?

The game started on August 30 immortality captured many fans of so-called narrative games, a modality that intertwines games Electronics with literature resources. Available for PC, Xbox and Smartphones Android and iOS, the game is the creation of developer Sam Barlow as well as the author Games his story and say goodbye within the same genus.

In immortality, the player has access to the story of actress Marissa Marcel, who only made three films in her career, none of which were released. The disappearance of his films is directly related to his fate, because Marie also disappeared and no one knows what happened to her.

How to play immortality

(Source: Half Mermaid Productions)Source: Half Mermaid Productions

A large balcony immortality is that the secret is revealed through the images that must be “stitched” together game. The player will have to pay attention to the elements of the script, actors and works of art in Marseille’s films, and then open access to interviews and behind the scenes, which will help solve the mystery of what happened. to the actor.

The game is quite original in its format, as it combines scenes filmed with real actors and Marissa’s three characteristics: Ambrosio and MinskIt was released in 1968-1970 and two of everything since 1999. The time difference between the first two films and the last one may be a good clue as to what really happened.

Due to its interactive nature, the manufacturer recommends that you play it game By using controls that provide better performance. However, the game can only be played using a computer keyboard.

How long does it take to complete? immortality?

(Source: Half Mermaid Productions)(Source: Half Mermaid Productions)Source: Half Mermaid Productions

It’s hard to say exactly how long it takes to complete the game because it’s a non-linear experience. This means that you can finish the game without solving all the secrets in it, or going through all the extras.

When thinking about the conclusion of the main story, most analysis points to a time of 5 to 6 hours. This involves going straight to the main paths and speeding up some stages of the game in order to find faster answers without having to go down more twisty paths. It is not necessary, for example, to use all the clips from the movies to be able to solve the mystery.

In the case of “completionists” (those who devote themselves to discovering every possible detail inside immortality), the journey will be much longer. If this is your case, keep in mind that finding all hidden clips may take more than 20 hours. It should be remembered that this includes the desire for the full experience, since you will likely continue to play game After discovering the mystery surrounding Marisa Marcel.

So if you want to challenge yourself with a game, immortality can be a great choice and leave you immersed for hours in a rather fascinating story.

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