How do I share games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S?

Xbox Gamesshare lets you share the game and other Gamepass or Xbox Gold membership benefits on your main console. The feature implemented with the advent of the Xbox One was highly anticipated by users and gives access to your library to friends and family.

The process is simple, where your friends can access your console as the primary Xbox, or you can designate someone else’s console as the primary Xbox – allowing people elsewhere to download your games.

You will need…

To share games on your Xbox you will need two consoles with an Xbox One line or newer (Xbox One X, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X | S). If you want to access the account of someone who lives in the same place, you do not need to share passwords – to protect your personal data.

However, when you use or give your games to someone who lives elsewhere, you must provide login details and password for both accounts. With that in mind, check out how to configure sharing, below:

How to configure sharing

  1. Sign in to your Xbox Live account on your Xbox console;
  2. Press the Xbox button and go to the “Profile and System” tab;
  3. Select the “Add or Switch” button and click “Add New”. At this step you will need to use the person’s email address and password;
  4. After adding a friend’s personal information, go back to the “Profile and System” tab, click “Add or Switch” and go to another account;
  5. Once in the shared account, go back to the “Profile and System” menu and select “Settings”;
  6. In the settings, click the “General” button, then “Personalize” and then “My Home Xbox”;
  7. Select “Make it my main Xbox”;
  8. The above steps should be repeated on the console of the person who will participate in the share.

How to delete an account from my Xbox

Assuming that the first person does not like the second person unrestricted access to their account, contacts, etc., it is possible to remove their account while retaining access to the Game Pass subscription while the Xbox Basic version remains unchanged. To remove it, simply go to “Settings> Account> Delete Accounts” and select a first-person account from the list.

If you want to restrict access to your account or sell your Xbox, you need to know how to remove your major Xbox other than deleting your account. Just click “Delete this Xbox as default” and then select “Delete this Xbox as default”. All your games and bonuses will be unavailable to other profiles.

Things you need to know

Limited number of shares

Sharing can only involve two users at a time, and the Xbox Home can only be changed five times a year. After the limit number it will be set automatically until the time expires.

2. There are no offline games for borrowers

When someone else’s Xbox account becomes your home account, the borrower needs to connect to the Internet. A person with a primary Xbox will be able to play online because digital licenses have been granted to him.

3. Secondary accounts with limited access

User accounts that have borrowed from the primary Xbox will only be able to access the Game Pass when the subscriber is logged in. Therefore, they will have to log in to the account normally, add and switch to a secondary account. Just press the Xbox button, go to the “Profile and System” menu and use the “Add or Switch” button.

4. Play the same game on different consoles at the same time

It is possible for both players to play the same game on different consoles at the same time. The Xbox only prevents them from using the same account on both devices. This way, it is essential that the person who owns the Xbox Home uses their own account.

5. Works only with digital games

Sharing games only includes digital copies of games, as physical copies can only be accessed on one console at a time.

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