How Apple plans to turn the Mac into a gaming console

When thinking about computer games, Apple Macs are completely overlooked. and Microsoft which leads this market by some margin and, even by this margin, continues to invest and improve its products and services to retain its gaming audience.

Many consumers looking for a gaming device are even advised not to buy an Apple computer.

This does not mean that the brand’s computers are bad, on the contrary, they are excellent machines and please, especially those who need a device for complex tasks that require a lot of processing power. The game is one of those super demanding tasks.

So why aren’t Macs among the players?

The lack of popularity of Apple’s system is due to the few titles available for the platform, this factor is crucial and ends up alienating users, but the company is closely monitoring this situation and this year expressed its intention to improve the platform to attract users. players.

At this year’s WWDC 2022, Apple announced that “No Man’s Sky” and the latest game in Capcom’s horror franchise “Resident Evil Village” will be released on the company’s computers.

After the presentation, Apple’s senior director Jeremy Sandmel said TechRadar That “every MacBook is a gaming MacBook”.

When the company used Intel components, it hardly competed with other companies’ gaming devices, but with the M1 Chips and the latest M2, the game seems to have changed, as the company has its own platform that can deliver high performance to its Macs. .

For a long time, the main game developers in the market focused on PCs to show the real graphical potential of their works, because consoles did not have enough processing power to run games at their maximum.

However, as new generations emerged, this battle became more equal as the hardware of these products evolved, until consoles became better value for money.

Gaming PCs are getting more and more expensive, and their latest components are practically out of reach for most gamers.

With each new title release, more advanced components are required and, in addition to the high investment already made in the machine, users are forced to perform more upgrades in order to be able to enjoy the maximum graphical potential of the games.

The gaming industry has stopped focusing on releasing next-gen games for PCs and is turning more towards next-gen consoles.

For example, Electronic Arts released the previous generation (PS4 and Xbox One) version of the FIFA franchise games for PC, but it is rumored to return with games from the latest generation of consoles for FIFA 23, which will be released this year.

The greater the processing power, the higher the price of the product, the more if it is for games, the design thinks to reach this audience and the resources to optimize the gameplays. Apple’s Macs won’t get any cheaper, but a bet to compete with PCs and even consoles is the Metal 3 API announced at this year’s WWDC.

The idea is to offer a unified space that encourages developers to work on Apple’s platform and, in this way, increase the number of titles available over time. The aforementioned No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village are the first announced games to win versions for Mac in this “new phase” of the tech giant.

The company knows how difficult it will be to conquer the space between these already well-established platforms in the gaming market, but it is already a great sign to know that one of the leading companies in the technology market is looking for stronger competition. Games segment.

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