Horizon Forbidden West is on its way to PC, a leaked Sony document reveals

The leak also reinforces that Returnal will get a version for the platform

Released in February of this year for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West is set to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and is already gearing up to come to PC.. A supposedly leaked Sony document confirms this, and also reveals that Guerrilla Games is preparing an arrival as well. Future story DLC for the game.

It also brings some interesting information, such as confirmation of this Kojima Productions is already developing a new project known as Ocean – As possible Death Stranding 2. To top it off, it brings a lot of information that has already been confirmed, such as the PC version of Sackboy: A Big Adventure that was officially announced last week.

In addition, the document once again brings information that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a remaster for PlayStation 5. According to rumors, the title aims to update the visual presentation of the game, leaving it with the same quality seen in its sequel. In addition, the new version will also focus Adding various accessibility features.

The document confirms other PC and PS5 releases

Other information contained in the leak includes confirmation of this World of Horizon is set to gain a new online multiplayer experience. Sony plans to make it available on PC and PlayStation 5 at the same time, and the title should be part of the company. Offer the community rich games as a service in the nearest future.

The list also mentions titles such as Rise of the RoninA Team Ninja project created in partnership with PlayStation Studios, a racing game Destruction All-Stars and the PC version return – another one that has also been the subject of several previous leaks. is also mentioned of carbonA new open world game from Sumo Interactive and heartacheSurvival horror in Firesprite development.

As well as other documents, the origin of which is not confirmed, You should carefully interpret the disclosed information and not rely 100% on it.. However, the fact that Horizon Forbidden West for PC has already appeared in a famous leak from NVIDIA reinforces that its official announcement may only be a matter of time.

Sony's Horizon series for Netflix is ​​called Horizon 2074

Sony’s Horizon series for Netflix is ​​called Horizon 2074
The production team will feature names from The Boys and The Expanse


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