Home run cycle for Chandler Redmond of the Springfield Cardinals

The concept of the cycle is familiar to most fans, even if the event isn’t particularly common: a player hitting a single, double, triple and homer in the same game.

But have you heard of the home driving cycle? No shame if you don’t. Until Wednesday night, it had happened, as far as historians say, only once in modern professional baseball history at the affiliate level.

This has happened twice now. Chandler Redmond of the Springfield (Mo.) Cardinals, St. Louis’ Class AA affiliate, hit four home runs in one game Wednesday, an epic feat in itself. But even rarer, his day included a solo shot, two- and three-run homers and a grand slam. Home run cycle.

According to Major League Baseball, the only other time a player hit a home run was in 1998 when Tyrone Horn of the Arkansas Travelers, also the Cardinals’ Class AA affiliate at the time, did so in a road game against the Suns. Antonio.

Not content with just a home run, Redmond’s big day also included a walk-off single, making him 5-6 on the night. As you might expect when one man scores 11 runs, the Cardinals won the game, defeating the host Amarillo Sod Poodles, 21-4.

Redmond was aware of the home run cycle and said he was thinking about it.

“So after I hit the Grand Slam, I had a little bit of a thought about maybe a cycle. But then I got rid of it quickly. I was like, ‘Come on, that’s my second multi-homer game in pro ball,'” he told reporters. “But then I go up there and I hit a solo shot and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can do this.’ , just keep calm and stay within yourself, but if you get a chance to hammer the ball, you better not miss it.”

was not missing.

A home run has never occurred at the major league level. Eighteen players hit four homers in a game, but a base runner never lined up for a home run.

Indeed, only two of the four homer games included a grand slam: Mark Whitney’s game for the Cardinals in 1993 and Scooter Gennett’s game for the Reds in 2017. Both of them were pretty close to the home run cycle. Gennett had a slam, two doubles and a solo homer to collect 10 RBI. Whiten, in a way, did too much: He had a slam, two triples and two RBIs to finish the day with 12. RBI

A four-homer game itself is actually rarer than a perfect game (23 in major league history, by current definition). So even in a homer-happy era, don’t expect home run cycles to start often, if at all, in the majors.

Redmond, 25, was drafted by the Cardinals in the 32nd round in 2019 out of Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC. The first baseman entered Wednesday’s game hitting .228 with 13 homers.

It’s not yet known if his big night will start his search for majors. But that’s not really a guarantee: Horn, his predecessor in this performance, never made it past Class AAA while playing in seven MLB organizations, plus the independent leagues and South Korea.

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