Hogwarts Legacy reveals setting details in new 20-minute ASMR video

Avalanche Software promises a game full of details and elements to explore

Warner Bros. Games released this Friday (19) a New Official Hogwarts Legacy Video Designed to Help Fans of the Series “Relax” Awaiting its release. Part of Avalanche Studios’ ASRM series of works, it also reveals many details about the scenarios players will encounter in the new adventure.

It is among the locations revealed in the video The extensive vegetable gardens spread around Hogwarts Castle, as well as streams that surround the site and some ruins that can be explored by the player. Because the developer’s idea is that the video is something relaxing, it means that It has a slow paceThe advantage of which is the ability to observe the details of the world created by the avalanche.


Despite its name, Hogwarts Legacy does not limit the player to only exploring the structures of the famous school of wizardry. The promise of Warner Bros. Games are one way to offer interactive experiences The most complete of the whole serieswhich allows the player to join classes, explore hidden areas and fight against dark wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy arrives in February

Avalanche Software also claims that The game will bring some RPG elements, which range from different clothing options to the ability to learn new spells or create powerful potions. In addition, dedicated players will be able to use their knowledge Make friends with various magical creatures to be able to help them in their missions.

Originally promised in 2022, Hogwarts Legacy was postponed until February 10, 2023 a few weeks ago. The developers say that the extra time will help put the final touches on the game and ensure it has the level of quality that fans of the series expect and deserve.

The promise of Warner Bros. Games is that more details about the game will be revealed later this month during Gamescom 2022. will be the title Take a special seat during the Gamescom Opening Night Live presentationwhich is scheduled to start on August 23 at 15:00 (Brazilian time).


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